Ipsen’s new strategic priorities unveiled at virtual Capital Markets Day event

Ipsen’s new strategic priorities unveiled at virtual Capital Markets Day event

Ipsen’s new strategic priorities unveiled at virtual Capital Markets Day event

Today, Ipsen is hosting a virtual Capital Markets Day to launch our new Group strategy which positions us for long-term success by focusing together for patients and society. Four priorities will drive continued growth and bring transformative medicines to patients. Building on Ipsen’s strong foundation, the strategy is the result of an intense collaboration between Ipsen teams and deep analysis of our strengths and opportunities. Over the next four years, the following strategic priorities will ensure Ipsen continues to create long-term value for all stakeholders and deliver on our commitment to deliver for patients and society.

Bringing the full potential of innovative medicines to patients

We will maximize the value of our current Specialty Care product portfolio through commercial excellence and geographic expansion with our core brands, Somatuline®(lanreotide), Decapeptyl® (triptoreline)and Dysport® (botulinum toxin type A), and aim to capture the full potential of our innovative oncology products, Cabometyx® (cabozantinib) and Onivyde®(irinotecan liposome injection). We will continue to work toward the launch of palovarotene, a potential treatment for patients with FOP and a cornerstone of our presence in the Rare Diseases therapeutic area.

Building a high-value sustainable pipeline

We will build a sustainable pipeline to drive long-term growth. To support that, we have recently implemented the prioritization of the highest potential opportunities and have further transformed the R&D organization. We are strengthening our external innovation efforts by targeting differentiated medicines in our three core therapeutic areas of Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience, with a broader disease and modality scope than previously defined and across all stages of clinical development. To support our external innovation strategy, we expect to generate a cumulative €3bn of firepower for pipeline expansion by 2024.

Delivering efficiencies to enable targeted investment and growth

We will generate efficiencies through a focused and agile operating model. Leveraging smart spending, streamlined operations, manufacturing efficiencies and optimizing digitalization, the Group will be able to reinvest in R&D and external innovation to fuel future growth.

Boosting our culture of collaboration and excellence

Patients and society are at the core of Ipsen’s mission, starting with fully engaged employees and a culture of accountability to perform and compete in the long-term. We are highly committed to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives which are centered around employees, community and the environment, as reflected throughout the organization and in the inclusion of responsibility metrics in leadership compensation.

Positive impact for patients and society

“Our new Group strategy positions Ipsen for long-term success by focusing together for patients and society,” says David Loew, CEO. “We will reinforce our commitment to Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience by strengthening and accelerating our external innovation efforts and pipeline in clearly defined segments. Through prioritization and collaboration, we will drive efficiencies to support investment in our pipeline. Building on a strong foundation of engaged employees, agile development capabilities and global commercial footprint, I am energized to execute on our key strategic priorities to create long-term value for all stakeholders.”

For more information on the Capital Markets Day event, you can find the press release here

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