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As a mid-sized global biopharmaceutical company, Ipsen improves patients’ lives through research, innovation and the development of transformative medicines in Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience.



Improving people’s lives and health outcomes by focusing on areas of high unmet medical need, we are accelerating our momentum and rapidly boosting our pipeline to bring the full potential of our innovative medicines to patients.

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Our strategy has been instrumental in making us a leader in our field. Our global presence, resources, expertise and strong track record commercializing our medicines are resulting in a real impact for people living with high unmet medical needs. We’re leveraging the full force of Ipsen’s infrastructure, innovation and passion to develop new therapies and valuable collaborations.

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Putting patients at the heart of our work

Our commitment to improving the lives and medical outcomes of patients is the driving force behind every decision made at Ipsen. We believe in working with patients, for patients, listening to their needs and involving their insights in the entire.



Shaping a more sustainable future

Ipsen is dedicated to safeguarding and preserving our planet. The Generation Ipsen ESG responsibility strategy lays out ambitious goals for the company in each of four pillars: Environment, Patients, People and Governance.

Careers at Ipsen

Ipsen offers a multitude of exciting opportunities for talented and motivated people in careers ranging from medial and clinical research to sales, marketing, finance, IT, HR and legal services. We are committed to providing our employees with a workplace that is welcoming, challenging and inclusive.

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14 May 2024 2 mins read

Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis (PFIC): Liver experts discuss early diagnosis and management 

Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis (PFIC) is a rare liver disease that can pose significant challenges, particularly in young children1, but the good news is that there are growing opportunities to manage the disease, slow its progression and improve outcomes.  

29 April 2024 0 mins read

2024 Annual General Meeting

A replay with complete presentation and Q&A session will be made available soon after the Annual General Meeting.

22 April 2024 3 mins read

Navigating Proactive Sustainability in Pharma R&D and Partnering

In March, we were proud to see Florence Dal Degan, Senior Director of External Innovation, participate in a panel discussion with different stakeholders, from consulting firms, pharma companies, investors to startups at BioEurope Spring entitled “Towards a Greener Globe: Biopharma’s Path to Sustaina

19 April 2024 0 mins read

Q1 2024 sales update

The Q1 2024 sales announcement will be published on April 24, 2024 at 7am CET. Find out more and register for the conference call for investors and analysts.

10 April 2024 3 mins read

Going on a PBC journey together

At seventy-one-years young, Gill, a devoted mother and grandmother from Nottinghamshire, loves spending time with her grandchildren and gardening. She also has a real passion for her volunteering work, to raise awareness of the ‘invisible, and isolating disease she has…

03 April 2024 2 mins read

Life with Primary Biliary Cholangitis: Sabrina’s Story

Sabrina is a lover of nature, mother and grandmother, whose outlook on life is to make every moment count. Sabrina lives with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), which means every day is different depending on the severity of her symptoms, but…

02 April 2024 3 mins read

Unlocking Potential Through Early-Stage Partnerships

We are pleased to share a recent conversation with Mary Jane Hinrichs, Senior Vice President, and Global Head of Early Development. Mary Jane spearheads the strategic direction and execution of early-stage programs at Ipsen, guiding them from drug candidate to…

15 March 2024 2 mins read

Applications now open for the 2024 Golden Ticket competition

As part of our commitment to accelerating transformative research and development, we’re excited to announce that our annual Golden Ticket competition is now open! Through our continued partnership with BioLabs, we’re delighted to be offering the brightest minds in biotech…

14 March 2024 2 mins read

Focus; Confidence; Commitment – The Building Blocks of Win-Win Partnerships 

Ipsen’s Senior Director of Global Partnering for Oncology, Madee Gooriah, is part of the team leading efforts to expand Ipsen’s oncology franchise through external partnerships at every stage of development. But in an industry marked by complexity, how do we…

08 March 2024 2 mins read

Women of Ipsen share their advice to their younger selves

While 2023 saw us reach gender balance amongst the 170 top leaders of our organization, we know that our work towards the inclusion and empowerment of women doesn’t stop there. For International Women’s Day 2024, we’ve invited some of the…