Our patient commitment

At Ipsen, we work with patients, for patients, to deliver outcomes that matter to them

COVID-19 support

We recognize the current pandemic brings extremely challenging and uncertain times for everyone, but particularly for people living with chronic conditions. More than ever, we are committed to supporting patients and patient organizations during this difficult time.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ipsen has worked relentlessly to ensure patients have access to our medicines and to foster our employees’ safety and wellbeing. We are proud of how we managed these two priorities that are essential to the Group.

If you are a patient and have a question about your treatment, in addition to talking to your healthcare professional, you can also contact our Medical Information Team through the following website: www.ipsenmedicalinformation.com

Our commitment

Working with patients for patients

 “At Ipsen our vision is to measurably improve patients’ lives in Specialty Care. We are committed to working in partnership towards our common goals, at every stage of the patient experience. To achieve this, we nurture our patient centric learning culture through training, development and recruitment to ensure that the patient perspective is always incorporated in our approach. We work with patients, for patients by listening to and learning from them, so that we can make a real difference to the challenges they face.”

Isabelle Bocher-Pianka, Chief Patient Affairs Officer

Our commitment

Listening to patients

We work with patient organizations around the world to ensure we are responding to patient needs and co-creating solutions at every stage of the patient experience. Holding advisory boards with our patient group collaborators is a core part of this commitment; we listen to what is most important to patients and act on the insights they share.

We have developed content for the Patients tab of our website in response to issues raised by an advisory board and it has been updated in collaboration with representatives from European Liver Patients’ Association (ELPA) and Convives con Espasticidad.

Current collaborations

We are open and transparent about what initiatives and which patient organizations we support, and the relationships we hold with our trusted organizations.

Below are some of the groups we are currently working with at a Global and European level.

Oncology groups

Neuroscience groups

Rare disease groups

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