At Ipsen, patients motivate every decision we make.


Ipsen works with patients, their families, and more than 250 patient organizations around the world at a global, regional, and national level. Our key priorities are generating data and sharing experiences. We want to guarantee that patients are truly given a seat at the table when it comes to their care and the developments that Ipsen is making. We believe this kind of close collaboration and inclusion is essential to ensure we chart the right course.  Our goal is to understand and respond to patients’ needs, helping them and their caregivers at different points throughout their experiences. At Ipsen, we believe in working together with patients, for patients.


It all starts with listening. At Ipsen, we enter into dialogue with the patient community as early as possible when developing new medicines. Our focus is on long-term strategic engagement and partnerships with patient organizations.

Making a difference

Ipsen is committed to working closely and inclusively with the patient community to impact medical care and patient outcomes in our focus fields of Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience.

Top patient stories

12 May 2023 4 mins read
Understanding the true impact of living with FOP

This year marks the 17th anniversary since the discovery of the ACVR1 gene was announced, a major scientific milestone in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) research that helped us understand what causes the condition. On April 23,

02 March 2023 1 mins read
Rethinking risk factors this Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Learn how to engage with our campaign and help protect your liver health. Every year, Liver Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM) is an opportunity to bring the sixth most prevalent cancer globally to the forefront of conversation, promoting awareness and the impo

03 November 2022 4 mins read
A Life in a Day with FOP: from Empathy to Understanding…

You can never truly understand what it’s like to live with an ultra-rare condition unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. And with this in mind, we recently embarked on a project to help healthcare professionals experience what it’s like to live

05 September 2022 5 mins read
‘A Life in a Day’: the realities of living with FOP

I was honored to be invited to take on the challenge to live ‘A Life in a Day of a patient with FOP’ – but also apprehensive. The challenge simulated a day spent living as someone who has fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). FOP is a debilita

14 October 2020 2 mins read
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: raising awareness with inspir

The facts and figures around breast cancer bring into focus the importance of raising awareness of the true scale of this globally prevalent disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women1. It comprises of 24% of all cancers diagnosed in women2

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Making clinical trials accessible and understandable

We are committed to ensuring that all our published research is freely available to everyone. To make this happen, we work closely with the patient community to provide summaries of key clinical studies sponsored by Ipsen in easy-to-understand language, so they are not just available, but accessible to all.

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Ipsen Clinical Trials

Ipsen conducts first-in-the-world clinical trials to take science forward together. Our global network of healthcare professionals helps us test new treatments and ensure their efficacy and safety by conducting clinical trials. Our aim is to create new therapies and improve upon existing ones to improve patients’ lives and health outcomes.

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Our approach to responsibility

Ipsen unites all our employees behind our global commitment to doing business responsibly through Generation Ipsen – For Positive Change. This fully integrated approach is built on four pillars: Environment, Patients, People and Governance. Generation Ipsen is designed to ensure we meet patients’ needs while working in ways that are ethical, responsible and community-minded.