At Ipsen, working with patients, for patients is more than just a worthy aspiration – it is the only way to ensure we create shared value, both for patients and for our employees.


Working with patients for patients

For us, patient centricity means collaborating across the entire company, from R&D to post-marketing, to identify unmet needs and deliver outcomes that genuinely improve patients’ lives as defined by patients themselves. By putting patients at the center of everything we do, we create support solutions that meet the real needs of patients and can help improve their lives.

At Ipsen, we have started by creating a learning community and embedding patient centricity into all training, development and recruitment, so that our employees feel empowered and understand how to make positive changes. For us, this is a chance to reinforce the value of working together internally and externally and inspire a renewed sense of pride in us all; a sense that what we do really matters to people’s lives. Working with patients, for patients creates solutions that meet real needs and enables us to provide a brighter looking future for all.


Dialogue for patient care

Oncology groups

Neuroscience groups

Rare disease groups

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