About Ipsen | Pioneering Biopharmaceutical Company


We are a global, mid-size pharmaceutical company focusing on areas of high unmet medical need.


Our team of over 5,000 talented and dedicated professionals around the world works together every day to innovate for the benefit of patients and caregivers.

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Making an impact

Our purpose-led people are passionate about making a real impact on patients’ lives every day. We do this by striving to discover, innovate and bring to market pharmaceutical products that will make a difference in the lives of patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals.

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Leading the way

With a focus on transformative medicines in oncology, rare disease and neuroscience, our vision is to be a leading global mid-size biopharmaceutical company. With the right combination of size and agility, we continue to push ourselves as a business and as individuals to deliver positive change.

Our strategy

Our strategy, Focus. Together. For patients & society, consists of four strategic priorities that guide our decision-making.

We are focused on ensuring patients have access to our treatments, collaborating with them and with patient organizations to unlock key insights that will allow us to deliver advancements. We work tirelessly to ensure patients have access to our innovative treatments.

We’re committed to building a robust, sustainable pipeline across all stages of development and in each of our three therapy areas so that we can continue to deliver innovative treatments, now and in the future. We seek out biotechs, academic institutions and other partners who share our vision of making a real impact for patients, and we aim to deliver at least one molecular entity or meaningful indication every year.

We focus our efforts and resources where they will move the needle for patients. By creating efficiencies, we can make the right investments at the right time to bring new, innovative therapies to patients around the world.

Our team of over 5,000 talented and dedicated professionals around the world endeavors every day to develop and build our capabilities. With our science-led and patient-driven approach, we grow together in a supportive environment.

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Our ESG commitment

Our mission is clear: to prolong and improve patients’ lives and health outcomes and make a positive impact for society. Our ESG framework guides us as we deliver positive change across four key areas: Environment, Patients, People and Governance.

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It’s an exciting time to be at Ipsen and I’m grateful to our dedicated and passionate teams worldwide. Our acceleration in our pipeline and our growth shows that we are on the right track and making a real impact for patients.

David Loew


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2023: a year of accelerated momentum and growth

In 2023, we reinforced our ambition to be a leading, global mid-size biopharmaceutical company with a focus on transformative medicines in Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience.

Our global presence

Ipsen’s products are registered in 88 countries. With 5,000 employees working to create value for patients and society around the world, we have global reach while remaining an agile, mid-sized company.



Rare but not alone

Functioning independently of Ipsen, Fondation Ipsen is dedicated to increasing scientific knowledge and patient research. Focused on improving the lives of patients with rare diseases, Fondation Ipsen improves understanding of rare diseases through information-sharing and strategic partnerships with key actors in the rare disease community.

Our history

Founded as a family firm, Ipsen has been innovating for patients for nearly 100 years. And we aim to keep growing and innovating for our patients for at least 100 more.