Delivering on our strategy

Transforming Ipsen for sustainable growth

Over the past three years, we have shifted from reliance on a single blockbuster to four growth platforms. In 2023, we further enriched our portfolio with the acquisition of Albireo, and since 2020, we’ve added more than 25 new programs to our pipeline.

Our growth has been possible thanks to the efficiencies we have generated, which we have reinvested in expanding our pipeline and launching new medicines.  

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2023 marked the beginning of a new phase of growth. With four potential launches in 2024, we are focused on excellence, execution and rapidity. Our progress to date demonstrates that our strategy is delivering, leading to a stronger, more resilient Ipsen.  

Chief Executive Officer

2023 in review

We are reaching more people living with high unmet medical need than ever before, while delivering strong financial performance and putting in place the building blocks for future sustainable success.

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My hope for the future is that people with primary biliary cholangitis can get diagnosed more easily. I want people to understand it more and of course, that there will also be a cure.

Living with primary biliary cholangitis, Nottingham, U.K.

Generation Ipsen

Generation Ipsen is both the bedrock and the conduit for our sustainability efforts. Through our Generation Ipsen strategy, we set ambitious goals across four pillars, aiming to drive positive action and leave a lasting impact for a better and healthier world.

Fondation Ipsen

Fondation Ipsen improves the lives of people living with rare diseases by contributing to advances in scientific research and policy. In 2023, Fondation Ipsen’s publishing division, BookLab, published 27 new educational books focused on rare diseases and disability.