At Ipsen we build partnerships that reflect the specific needs of the program as well as the organization we are working with. The quality of our partnership is as important as the quality of the asset and the potential to improve or extend the lives of people living with cancer, rare diseases or neurological conditions.

“At Ipsen we believe great partnerships create great possibilities. These relationships are personal to us, each asset is a priority for us and our teams. It is extremely motivating to work through our alliances to translate science into impactful medicines for patients, resulting in strong commercial success for us and our partners worldwide.”

Philippe Lopes-Fernandes EVP, Chief Business Officer

Partnering for Success

We believe that through our collective efforts and experience, we can overcome the challenges associated with devastating diseases including within oncology, rare disease and neuroscience. Collaboration and partnership is fundamental to our strategy at Ipsen for building a sustainable pipeline, and to our core belief that together, we can do more for patients and for society.

We work with our partners to define a shared vision to unlock the full potential of their products, achieving mutual success for our partners and Ipsen. We have the capabilities and expertise of a large pharmaceutical company, but we’re the right size to make your medicine a priority. Our team has an outstanding partnership track record successfully progressing partnered products through global development and maximizing their value by expanding indications and opening new markets. Working with Ipsen, you will find that your innovation is a top priority for us; we have the financial resources to invest for the long-term; and our size allows us to be flexible and creative in transactions.

Patients need us. Together, let’s make a difference.


Our Partnerships

We have a strong track record of success:

At Ipsen we translate these collaborations into value for both partners, demonstrated through our Global commercial success which boasts a balanced focus on commercial territories across North America (34%), Western Europe (around 30%) and Rest of World (more than 30%).


Our relationships speak for themselves:



Hear what our partners have to say with this word from Nicholas Waters, CEO IRLAB:


Ipsen and IRICoR’s agreement for a discovery-stage oncology target is one in which “everyone wins”.

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Together with Exelixis we have engaged in the development of a large number of indications to maximize the potential of Cabometyx.

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FOP Franchise

Ipsen’s acquisition and in-licensing leads to a portfolio approach with two assets for an ultra-rare bone disease.

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How We Work

Every partnership is unique and requires a tailored approach to ensure success. Our goal is to foster solutions that deliver new therapies through flexible, innovative agreements that maximize the potential of the science.

We build relationships based on mutual goals

Successful partnerships start with a clear and transparent process that ultimately leads to developing common goals. We view every partnership opportunity as unique and our partnering process is customized to your asset and what you are looking for in a partnership with Ipsen.

We work together with you

We match you with a specialist with expertise in your area to explore the partnership options and introduce you to the value Ipsen can bring. Our approach is collaborative to ensure a mutually beneficial structure.

We believe in collaboration and transparency

Challenges are inevitable. At Ipsen, you will have a dedicated alliance manager who is transparent throughout the partnership process and who stays fully engaged with you along the way.


Ipsen Business Partner Code of conduct

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“Patients are the focus of everything we do at Ipsen. Advancing research and developing treatments that will improve and extend the lives of people living with conditions like cancer and rare diseases is our goal. Working in partnership is a mindset, a value and a belief rooted firmly in Ipsen’s development teams.”

Christelle Huguet SVP, Head of Research, External Innovation and Early Development

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