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We believe great partnerships create great possibilities and are inspired by our partners

As a global biopharmaceutical company, we leverage our agility, R&D capabilities and global footprint to develop valuable business partnerships that fuel tomorrow’s breakthrough discoveries across our three therapeutic areas: Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience. External innovation is at the heart of our strategy. We believe in the expertise of our partners and value the opportunity to collaborate, bringing our skills, experience and global reach to accelerate innovation to bring new medicines to patients.

Exclusively sourcing our pipeline through external innovation, we have no internal competing pipeline as we recognize the best science is delivered in biotech and academic institutions.  We are proud our team comprises talents attracted from Pharma, biotech and academia, to drive shared success through creative collaborations.

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At Ipsen, we believe great partnerships create great possibilities. Data is just the beginning; we go beyond this to translate the clinical benefit into true patient impact. We focus on how one patient will have an enhanced experience because of each innovation and unite expertise to deliver this.

Philippe Lopes-Fernandes

EVP and Chief Business Officer

Meet Christelle, EVP and Head of R&D and find out how together we can transfer a molecule into a medicine.

Meet David, SVP, Head of Research and External Innovation and find out how together we can accelerate.

Dedicated to our partners

Meet Masha, Director, Partnering, and hear how Ipsen builds a dedicated team for each program to deliver the best medicine to patients.

Contact the partnering team

At Ipsen, entering partnerships is always personal. Our team is committed to success and has the expertise to deliver it. Contact us to see how together, we can accelerate innovation for patients.

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Our robust development pipeline, backed by our expertise and external-innovation strategy, supports patients’ health outcomes across Oncology, Rare Disease and Neuroscience.

Partnering events

Throughout the year, Ipsen holds numerous events for and with partners. Look through our upcoming events if you are interested in our work and in partnering with us and would like to meet our team.

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Top stories in partnering

31 May 2024 1 mins read

Our 2023 Integrated Annual Report is live!

In 2023, we entered the next phase of our journey of growth and innovation, reinforcing our position as a leading mid-sized biopharmaceutical company. With a sharp focus on our three therapy areas of Oncology, Rare Diseases, and Neuroscience, we achieved total sales of €3,128 m.

19 April 2024 0 mins read

Q1 2024 sales update

The Q1 2024 sales announcement will be published on April 24, 2024 at 7am CET. Find out more and register for the conference call for investors and analysts.

15 March 2024 2 mins read

Applications now open for the 2024 Golden Ticket competition

As part of our commitment to accelerating transformative research and development, we’re excited to announce that our annual Golden Ticket competition is now open! Through our continued partnership with BioLabs, we’re delighted to be offering the brightest minds in biotech…

08 February 2024 0 mins read

FY 2023 results announcement 

Ipsen’s FY 2023 results announcement took place on 8 February 2024 at 7am CET/1am EST.

20 November 2023 1 mins read

Ipsen sponsors 5 elite athletes on their journeys to the 2024 Paralympics

Starting now and throughout 2024, Ipsen is sponsoring five talented, elite athletes on their journeys toward the 2024 Paralympic Games.

10 November 2023 1 mins read

Examining the European Pharma legislation: EFPIA publishes the Dolon Report

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has commissioned Dolon to develop a report to assess the impact of the proposed European Commission pharma legislation. The Dolon Report, published on 6 November, has projected that the proposed legislation…

03 November 2023 0 mins read

Capital Markets Day 2023

Ipsen plans to host a capital-markets day, starting at 12.30 pm GMT on 7 December 2023, at The Brewery, London. In-person attendance is by invitation only.

23 October 2023 1 mins read

2023 year to date and third-quarter sales results

Ipsen has published its year to date and third-quarter sales results on 26 October 2023 at 7am CET.

20 July 2023 1 mins read

Winner of Ipsen’s golden ticket announced as newest resident of Biolabs Hôtel Dieu 

We are pleased to announce that Hemerion has been awarded Ipsen’s golden ticket 2023, receiving a year’s free lab space at the brand new, cutting-edge facility in the heart of Paris, France, close to Notre-Dame, at Paris Hôpital Hotel Dieu, AP-HP. 

07 July 2023 1 mins read

David Loew, Philippe Lopes Fernandes inaugurate Biolabs – Hôtel Dieu

Biolabs, a new biotech incubator located in the historic Hôtel Dieu, was inaugurated on 6 July 2023. As a founding sponsor of the initiative, Ipsen was represented at the event by CEO David Loew and Chief Business Officer Philippe Lopes…