Transforming healthcare with integrity and transparency

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Upholding ethical standards for patients and society

At Ipsen, we pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity, transparency and upholding the highest ethical standards. A fundamental pillar of our Generation Ipsen – For Positive Change initiative, we are fostering responsible management while cultivating a strong ethical culture that permeates every level of our organization. Our dedication to governance excellence ensures we always act with the best interests of our patients, partners and society at heart.

Our approach to Governance is based on three core principles: 

  • Doing what is right. Not what is easy.  
  • Guided by our Strategy or Focus, Together for Patients & Society.  
  • Success delivered through responsible management.  
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Our governance approach emphasizes integrity and responsibility, prioritizing what’s right over what’s easy. Through our dedication to collaboration and ethical management, we consistently fulfill our promise to enhance lives with innovative healthcare solutions.

EVP, General Counsel and Chief Business Ethics Officer

Strengthening Business Ethics at Ipsen

Discover our commitment to responsible business practices, as we work to cultivate an ethical culture anchored in anti-corruption measures and transparency.

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Ipsen’s Code of Conduct

Ipsen’s Code of Conduct is a dynamic blueprint that emphasizes ethical decision-making, transparency and accountability across our diverse operations. This robust framework fuels an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing patient care, cultivating an empowering corporate culture, and exceeding industry standards and regulations.

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Combating corruption with ethics and transparency

At Ipsen, we proudly uphold ethical standards, integrity and transparency in all of our endeavors. Robust anti-corruption policies ensure strict adherence to all applicable national and international legislation, accurate financial recordkeeping, and stakeholder interactions based on integrity and merit.

Advancing ethical standards with governance actions

Ipsen continuously enhances its Business Ethics Program, backed by a robust infrastructure and governance system. By fostering a culture of ownership, accountability and mindful decision-making, we maintain a strong ethical foundation, as evidenced by positive employee survey results.

Ipsen is committed to ensuring a robust Opportunities and Risks Governance policy, with several strategic and operational committees actively working to identify, assess and address risks and opportunities.

In 2022, we implemented a comprehensive Supplier Risk Management process using a unified digital platform and engaging cross-functional experts to ensure potential suppliers meet our standards and Code of Conduct. This approach streamlines assessments and strengthens risk management throughout our organization.

At Ipsen, we care about protecting the personal data of all our stakeholders. We ensure that we only use personal data as necessary, that our use of that data is lawful and fair, that we keep data secure, and that we inform individuals about how we use their data. We manage privacy compliance at Ipsen through policies, procedures and training, and by fostering a strong culture of respect for privacy.

We are committed to fostering transparency and trust in all of our collaborations with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). By openly disclosing information on transfers of value, clinical trials, scientific publications and interest representation activities, we ensure integrity and promote a strong ethical foundation across our interactions.


Transparency rules and reports


Please follow the links to the countries to find the information about local Transparency rules and reports:







  • No transfer of value in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
  • 2020 EFPIA report in euro: Bulgarian
  • Methodological note : English



  • 2016 EFPIA report in euro: English
  • 2016 EFPIA report in kuna: English
  • 2017 EFPIA report in euro : English
  • 2017 EFPIA report in kuna : English
  • No transfer of value in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Methodological note: English



  • No Transfer of value in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021
  • 2019 EFPIA report in euro: English


Czech Replublic













  • 2016 EFPIA report in euro: Greek
  • 2017 EFPIA report in euro : Greek
  • 2018 EFPIA report in euro : Greek
  • 2019 EFPIA report in euro : Greek
  • 2020 EFPIA report in euro : Greek
  • 2021 EFPIA report in euro : Greek
  • Methodological note: Greek



  • 2016 EFPIA report in forint : English
  • 2017 EFPIA report in forint : English
  • 2018 EFPIA report in forint : English
  • 2019 EFPIA report in forint : English
  • 2020 EFPIA report in forint : English
  • 2021 EFPIA report in forint : English
  • Methodological note: English



  • No Transfer of value in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021











  • 2016 EFPIA report in euro: English
  • 2017 EFPIA report in euro : English
  • 2018 EFPIA report in euro : English
  • 2019 EFPIA report in euro : English
  • No Transfer of value in 2020
  • 2021 EFPIA report in euro : English
  • Methodological note: English


  • No Transfer of value in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Methodological note: English














  • No Transfer of value in 2018, 2019
  • 2020 EFPIA report in euro : EnglishSerbian
  • 2021 EFPIA report in euro : English
  • Methodological note: English





  • No transfer of value in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • 2021 EFPIA report : English
  • Methodological note: English








The Netherlands



United Kingdom 


Ipsen actively collaborates with patient organizations to better understand and support patients’ needs. Emphasizing transparency, we publicly disclose financial and non-financial support provided to these organizations in adherence to the EFPIA Code.


Based on our dedication to transparency and under the EFPIA Patient Organizations Code, we make a list of patient organizations to which we provide financial support (grants, sponsorships, donations, etc. etc..) or significant non-financial support publicly available for viewing.


Motivated by our strategic commitment to society as a whole, we seek out opportunities to make an impact. In 2022, in response to the war in Ukraine, Ipsen donated €1.5 million to two organizations helping those impacted: disaster-relief organization Tulipe and the International Red Cross in France.

Ipsen is committed to transparency in clinical studies, providing readily accessible information on clinical trials to patients, healthcare professionals and researchers. We publicly disclose protocol summaries and trial results, adhering to global industry standards, and share anonymized clinical study data with qualified researchers through the data-sharing platform, Vivli.


  • Protocol Summary Disclosure


Protocol summaries of Ipsen sponsored clinical trials are made publicly available on the US Clinical Trials Registry ( and on the EU Clinical Trials Register ( at initiation of the clinical trial.

For Post-Authorization Safety Studies (PASS) and Post-Authorization Efficacy Studies (PAES) that are outside the scope of Directive 2001/20/EC, protocol summaries are posted in the EU electronic Register of Post-Authorization Studies (EU PAS Register) at initiation of the clinical trial.

We also provide clinical trial information to other national clinical trial registries or databases according to local requirements/legislation.


  • Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results


The results of Ipsen clinical trials are publicly posted to the results database after completion or termination of a clinical trial. Clinical trial results are usually available within 12 months of the trial completion or termination date. Results of clinical trials that are subject to FDAAA 801 legislation have been posted on since June 2009. Since January 2014, Ipsen posts results from all Ipsen sponsored interventional clinical trials in patients.


EU Clinical Trials Register


From 21st July 2015, results summaries of Ipsen sponsored interventional clinical trials in patients conducted in the EU/EEA that completed from 21st July 2013 are available on the EU Clinical Trials Register. Results of interventional clinical trials are published one year after completion. From 21st July 2016, it is expected that all trials that started since May 2004 and completed before 21st July 2013 will also be made available here.


  • Sharing Clinical Trial Data with Qualified Researchers


Ipsen is committed to sharing anonymized clinical study data from completed Phase II to IV studies for products and indications approved in the United States and/or in the European Union, with a first patient included as of 1 Jan 2005 onwards. Ipsen is pleased to be member of the data sharing platform Available studies are listed on this platform. Ipsen will regularly update this list to add eligible studies. Any requests should be submitted to for assessment by an independent scientific review board. Anonymized data will be provided to qualified researchers through Vivli’s platform upon approval of the research proposal and signature of a Data Use/Sharing Agreement.


Additional details on Ipsen data sharing policy are available here.

Ipsen does not have internal animal research facilities. Although Ipsen outsources its animal testing, it has put in place an Animal Welfare governance body ensuring the appropriate treatment of animals. We are signatories of Gircor’s “French Charter for Transparency on the Use of Animals for Scientific and Regulatory Purposes,” and actively pursue the 3Rs: reduction, refinement and replacement of animal experimentation.


Patients and society are at the core of Ipsen’s mission to improve lives and health outcomes. Biological and medical research are critical to continuously increasing scientific knowledge and improving human health. While animal studies continue to play an important role in the medical research process and in the development of treatments improving the quality of life of millions of people, it is our priority to meet the highest possible standards of animal welfare. That’s why we are among the signatories of the “French Charter for Transparency on the Use of Animals for Scientific and Regulatory Purposes” developed by the GIRCOR.


Ipsen’s Cell-Based Assay is now fully implemented for its DYSPORT® products supplied to the U.S., Canada, E.U. and Switzerland.

Our Early Access policy enables patients to obtain eligible Ipsen products that have not yet been approved by local health authorities, and thus otherwise unavailable for prescription.