Discontinuation of NutropinAq (Somatropin) Cartridges | Ipsen Statement

Ipsen Announces Decision to Permanently Discontinue Distribution of NutropinAq® (somatropin) cartridges

Ipsen Announces Decision to Permanently Discontinue Distribution of NutropinAq® (somatropin) cartridges

Ipsen Announces Decision to Permanently Discontinue Distribution of NutropinAq® (somatropin) cartridges

Ipsen is committed to bringing innovative medicines to the rare disease community where a significant unmet need exists and innovation in treatments is lacking.

To continue to fulfill this commitment it is necessary to undertake a regular review of our medicine’s portfolio, to ensure Ipsen is meeting the needs of the community, providing treatment options to healthcare practitioners where few or none exist and ensuring the best possible solutions are available for patients to manage their conditions.

After careful consideration of the impact of any actions on prescribers and users of our medicines, Ipsen has taken the decision to permanently discontinue the distribution of NutropinAq® (somatropin) cartridges, one of the several medicines approved to treat children and adolescents living with growth failure due to growth hormone deficiency (GHD), chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) or Turner Syndrome (TS) and adult patients with GHD. This will take place across countries where Ipsen is the marketing authorization holder, including the E.U., UK and Australia, at the latest by April 2024.

Ipsen believes the decision to discontinue the distribution of NutropinAq® cartridges will not negatively impact the continuity or quality of care of pediatric patients living with growth failure due to GHD, CRI or TS or adult patients with GHD. NutropinAq® has been on the market for many years and was originally made available at a time when few alternative treatment options existed. Over the years we have seen an increase in innovation in this therapeutic area, with many effective treatments being approved and made available. In this environment it is felt there is no longer a significant role for NutropinAq® .

Ipsen is reaching out to the doctors who manage patients that may be impacted, to ensure they are fully informed and to allow significant time for alternative treatment options to be discussed and an approach agreed for their ongoing care. We are also communicating with other key organizations and relevant authorities, to ensure we conduct this process in a professional and positive way, minimizing any disruption.

We remain fully committed to supporting people who are living with a rare disease. After years of working with the rare disease community in relation to NutropinAq®, we know we can leverage our deep experience in this area in the coming years to further develop and provide solutions which address the significant unmet needs that sadly still exist in rare diseases.

For further information contact:

Anna Gibbins

Global Head Franchise Communications, Rare Diseases