Ipsen entered the field of oncology in 1986 and our portfolio now includes treatments for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), prostate cancer, and cancers of the bladder, kidney, pancreas and breast. Focusing on these selected cancers, we aim to provide fully integrated patient care

Oncology at a glance

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Oncology at a glance

Ipsen has a specialist oncology portfolio in differentiated and innovative therapies in areas of high unmet medical need. We have been active in Oncology since 1986, branching out from a solid base in prostate, neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), bladder, kidney, pancreatic and breast cancers. Focusing on these selected cancers, we aim to provide fully integrated patient care, contribute to improved diagnosis and provide treatment options tailored to patient needs along with targeted support services.

At a glance

Although cancer continues to try to outsmart recent treatments, we are committed to continuously innovate.

Harout Semerjian, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer.

Our areas of expertise

Our oncology pipeline

Research & Development

Speed of Innovation

Today, the world of drug development and commercialization is a hyper-competitive space. The speed of innovation is much faster than it has ever been, and it will only get faster. That’s why we need a biotech mindset, which is all about agility and speed of action, as well as a laser-like focus.


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Oncology Pipeline

We have achieved this with our oncology pipeline which now encompasses both the lifecycle management of our established products and the development of new molecules. 

We are proud to be a development partner to leading oncology research institutes, for example the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, which will enable us to explore exciting new opportunities with world class cancer scientists, further strengthening our portfolio into the future.  

We are a leader in the new area of radiopharmaceutical development.  Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT) uses the ability of peptides or small molecules to target specific receptors to deliver a radionuclide directly to the tumor.  This targeted approach provides an exciting ‘theranostic’ opportunity that offers the promise of use for both diagnosis and treatment of disease. We are also developing novel radiopharmaceuticals targeting the SSTR2 receptor to treat neuroendocrine tumors and the neurotensin receptor 1 to treat pancreatic cancer.  

Moving forward, we are investigating the combination of Cabometyx with immuno-oncology drugs for the treatment of RCC, a potentially transformative treatment.  For Onivyde, we are considering two lifecycle management options in the first or second line treatment of different cancers with huge unmet needs.

Other ongoing clinical studies are in the pipeline and our primary goal is to add new oncology assets to our portfolio. We will achieve this by:

  • Focusing on our potential to take a leadership position in our existing areas of expertise (NET, RCC and Pancreatic)
  • Expanding our pipeline through both internal and external innovation
  • Embracing new technologies to help us accelerate our portfolio with specific digital and analytics opportunities
  • Securing a defined approach in immuno-oncology, where we are focused on both combinations with existing products in the short term and the licensing of 3rd and 4th generation assets in the longer-term.  

We are convinced this strategy will enable us to bolster support for cancer patients and maximize the possibility of better health outcomes for all, as well as delivering growth for the company.


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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a complex part of our industry so here we aim to present information on clinical trials in an informative and transparent manner.

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Working with Patients and HCPs

  • We work in close collaboration with EAU (European Society of Urology), ESOU (European society of onco-urology, including the jointly developed STEP rising star program) and ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology).  
  • A growing number of projects have been developed with patient advocacy groups, namely Europa Uomo, Europa Donna, Movember and Fight Bladder Cancer.  
  • We work in close collaboration with INCA, the International New Cancer Alliance, with WAPO, the World Association of Pituitary Diseases and with IKCC, the International Kidney Cancer Coalition, to support fundraising, awareness and education for patients about the diseases.

Patients & HCPs

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