Ipsen entered the field of oncology in 1986 and our portfolio now includes treatments for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), prostate cancer, and cancers of the bladder, kidney, pancreas and breast. Focusing on these selected cancers, we aim to provide fully integrated patient care.

Ipsen in Oncology

Our science

Ipsen in Oncology

Ipsen specializes in treatments for niche cancers. This means we focus on a select group of cancers that are characterized by their high unmet need – these tend to be the patients with the highest needs often overlooked by other pharmaceutical companies.
To us, every patient matters, and we are emboldened and inspired by patients to pursue new treatments through partnerships and external innovation.
We go boldly where others don’t, so no patient is left behind.

Ipsen in Oncology

Our areas of expertise

Ipsen’s strength and capabilities in oncology have grown over 30 years. Today, Ipsen is the world’s fourteenth largest pharmaceutical companies specializing in oncology. We offer a number of important solutions for patients with difficult-to-treat cancers:

Our Oncology pipeline

At Ipsen, partnering is personal; it’s about how we adapt as the science evolves and the market landscapes change. Partners for us include other pharmaceutical companies, patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, academia and institutes.

A culture of external innovation drives our research, development and commercialization. We identify, develop and integrate innovative products that are a strategic fit for our portfolio and that deliver value for patients. With like-minded partners, our goal is to foster solutions, advance science and deliver new therapies.

Ipsen has built its strength in oncology through solid long-term partnerships which are fast-tracking new approaches to target hard-to-treat cancers that are often overlooked as research targets.

Over the next few years, we will look to strengthen our portfolio with assets in rare or niche solid tumors in all stages of development and in all modalities.

Oncology Pipeline

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a complex part of our industry so here we aim to present information on clinical trials in an informative and transparent manner.

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