World Kidney Cancer Day: We need to talk

World Kidney Cancer Day is taking place on 18 June 2020, and this year we need to talk about kidney cancer

There are over 400,000 new cases of kidney cancer diagnosed worldwide each year.1 This World Kidney Cancer Day, taking place on 18 June 2020, we are supporting the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) campaign to get everyone talking about kidney cancer and the importance of physical activity.

Did you know that physical activity can reduce your risk of getting kidney cancer by 22%? For patients with cancers, physical activity has many benefits: improving survival and decreasing fatigue, anxiety, pain and depression. But despite these benefits, three out of four kidney cancer patients don’t do the recommended minimum amount of physical activity, which is why this year we need to talk about physical activity.

For patients with cancers, including kidney cancer, there are many ways they can support their physical and mental health. We spoke to several experts, aiming to raise awareness of kidney cancer – how you can minimize your risk and the ways in which patients can improve their outcomes – encouraging patients, carers, healthcare professionals and the general public to start having conversations about this disease. Watch our expert video series below and start having these important conversations with those around you. We need to talk about kidney cancer.

Professor Dr Philip Zimmerman, TU Dortmund University, explains how physical activity is associated with better outcomes both before and after kidney cancer diagnoses.

Fabian Bolin, CEO and Co-founder, War on Cancer, talks about the importance of positive mental health for kidney cancer patients.

Dr Martín Lárazo, Complejo Hospitalario de Vigo, shares recommendations on how diet can both play a role in reducing the risk of kidney cancer and the many benefits for kidney cancer patients.

Louise Barrett, Working with Cancer, talks about the importance of work-life balance for cancer patients and shares her advice for effectively balancing work, cancer and other aspects of life.


Our bold commitment to patients

At Ipsen, we are committed to supporting the patient experience in kidney cancer, which is why we are supporting the IKCC’s ‘We Need to Talk About Physical Activity’ campaign, alongside industry partners.

Julie shared her experiences of kidney cancer and her advice for patients, how staying active and staying positive have helped her manage her disease. Hear what she has to say below:


How you can get involved

This World Kidney Cancer Day get your friends and family talking about kidney cancer. Start conversations in person or across social media. We created a bespoke Instagram filter in partnership with the IKCC, so make sure to visit our Instagram page and try it for yourself!

To learn more about the IKCC and their work to reduce the global burden kidney cancer, please visit their website here. And to continue learning about the importance of physical activity in kidney cancer, please visit the World Kidney Cancer Day homepage here.




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