Uniting for patients: Ipsen’s first patient centricity week – Care 2 Know More

Uniting for patients: Ipsen’s first patient centricity week – Care 2 Know More

Uniting for patients: Ipsen’s first patient centricity week – Care 2 Know More

At Ipsen, improving patients’ lives drives us. We work together with patients, for patients. However, we know that understanding how to be more patient centric can be challenging, especially if you don’t work with patients in your day-to-day role. To help bridge that gap the Ipsen Global Patient Affairs team collaborated with colleagues across the organization, senior patient organization leaders and agency partners to develop its first patient centricity week in June 2023: Care 2 Know More.

What is Care 2Know More?

Care 2 Know More is an opportunity for all at Ipsen to learn how to be more patient-centric and have a positive impact through partnerships, projects, and ways of working. During the week, colleagues were able to find out what it means to be patient centric and how to bring it into their work, regardless of whether they work directly with patients.

To kick off the week, David Loew, Ipsen’s CEO, shared his own reflections on what inspires him to be patient centric and how listening to patients can improve the work we all do; from improving the design of a clinical study to supporting those who do work directly with patients and physicians to better deliver outcomes. Additionally, other senior leaders in the organization were Care 2 Know More ambassadors and shared their thoughts through a series of videos on a dedicated digital platform.

Listening to patients

During the week colleagues also had the chance to hear from three patient organizations – SAFE Stroke Alliance for Europe, the PBC Foundation and the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) in a virtual roundtable discussion, hosted by Emma Sutcliffe, VP Global Patient Affairs, broadcast across the organization. They shared their views on Ipsen’s patient centricity commitment and how we can help bring the patient experience out of the shadows and into the spotlight in everything we do. Nearly 400 colleagues joined the virtual roundtable viewing, with many more joining in person group viewings and watching it later via catch-up.

Click’ to Care 2 Know More

Underpinning the belief that patient centricity is everyone’s responsibility at Ipsen, we asked colleagues to show their support of this by clicking on a square as part of our virtual Click to Care 2 Know More activity. During the week over 700 colleagues from 34 countries clicked to care and helped bring patients out of the shadows.

Tools and resources

As part of the week, colleagues were also invited to get involved in global and local activities as well as upskill and learn more about patient centricity on the dedicated digital Care 2 Know More platform. This contained lots of great content such as videos of the Global Patient Affairs Directors on what patient centricity means to them, and some examples of it in action. There was also the opportunity to get trained in patient centricity and find useful resources and information. Additionally, colleagues could find out who their local Ipsen patient centricity champions from our global network are and discover how to get more involved. In total 45 events were organized by different teams throughout the week, with 12 patient organization representatives taking part in activities across the globe.

Not a one-off: Ongoing commitment

Ipsen’s focus on patient centricity does not end with Care 2 Know More week, it served as a reminder to always think about how we can bring the patient perspective into our work and call it out with a finger click if we don’t see it happening. The continuing focus is to keep patients out of the shadows and firmly in the spotlight.

It was fantastic to see so many colleagues from all over the world get involved and collaborate with patient organizations on Care 2 Know More: We will be back in 2024!

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