One year later: How are we doing with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria for external financing?

In 2019, for the first time, Ipsen committed to introduce Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria when renegotiating the conditions of its external financing facility.

“Integrating the commitment that reflect our Company Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy towards Employees, Patients & Society and the Environment in our financing facilities with the banks allowed us to combine financial and extra-financial performance metrics” says Aymeric Le Chatelier, interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Today, Ipsen is proud to announce that the targets setup were exceeded leading to a donation of 70, 000 € to International Health Partners chosen for its outstanding work bringing medicines and health supplies to some of the world’s poorest and most challenging places.

Our non-financial key performance indicators per CSR pillar:

Last year we decided to be assessed not only on our financial performance but to integrate ESG performance criteria in our external financing facility: gender balance, employees’ commitment towards healthcare communities and Ipsen’s carbon footprint. I am very honored to work for a company that seized the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment by combining financial and social objectives while supporting medical actions in the world’s most vulnerable parts” adds Feryal Ghouadni, VP – Head of Company Social Responsibility.

This generous donation from Ipsen represents a huge investment in communities across the world that lack access to medicines due to conflict or disaster. Before Covid-19 struck, two billion people lacked access to medicines. As the full impact of the pandemic is understood, the importance of strengthening health systems enabling access to effective and needed medicines is clear. International Health Partners (IHP), Europe’s largest facilitator of product donations is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable of the communities. Over the last three years we have delivered 8.6 million treatments to 63 countries. Ipsen’s support will enable us to extend our reach at the time of unprecedent need. We look forward to sharing the impact of this donation through our developing partnership. From IHP and those we serve – thank you.” Adele Paterson, CEO, International Health Partners

Always innovator, Ipsen introduces social responsibility to its external funding conditions

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