Ipsen launches acromunity.com a website designed with patients for patients




Acromunity.com is intended for patients who have just been diagnosed or patients who have been living with the condition for some time.It is a new online resource to provide support.

It provides also explanations on the disease for patients who are worried that they may have signs or symptoms of acromegaly and to the patient’ relatives.

An uncommon and relatively unknown disease

Acromegaly is an infrequently diagnosed hormonal or endocrine disorder that is due to growth hormone overproduction due to the presence of a benign (not cancerous) pituitary tumor.

Acromegaly is characterized by slowly developing, but eventually distinct clinical symptoms. Over time, excess of growth hormone can produce some characteristic symptoms and signs, such as heavy or prominent facial features, with a prominent jaw line, enlarged hands and feet and possibly a deepened and husky voice. The diagnosis of acromegaly is often delayed as the symptoms tend to progress slowly and may remain undetected for up to 10 years.

Acromegaly is rare… It has been estimated that there are only around three to six people per million people in the general population newly diagnosed with acromegaly each year.

A patient-focused hub that addresses a wide range of needs

The result is a patient-focused intuitively organized searchable online ‘hub’ that addresses the wide range of needs identified: from helping to drive earlier diagnosis, to comprehensive disease area information through to a wide range of support and tools on a more practical level.

For more information, please visit: www.acromunity.com

If you have been diagnosed with acromegaly, please remember to talk with a healthcare professional, such as your doctor or nurse, if you have any concerns about your condition, its treatment, or side effects. The information provided by acromunity.com is not intended to replace professional advice.

Acromunity.com Website and its contents are directed to Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle-East and Asia residents and citizens. It is not directed at residents or citizens of United States or Canada.

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