Ipsen France signs milestone Cancer and Employment Charter at French Cancer National Institute

On Friday, 23rd November, Ipsen France celebrated a significant milestone by signing the Cancer & Employment Charter at an event held at the French Cancer National Institute. By signing this Charter, companies pledge their commitment to improving the level of support offered to employees with cancer or other chronic illnesses.

Regis Mulot, EVP, Human Resources signed the Charter and also spoke at Friday’s event said: “From this day forward, Ipsen France will remain dedicated to providing a work place that is safe, inclusive, supportive and above all, built on trust. This will ensure our people continue doing their best work in the best possible environment.”

Patient-centricity is a key pillar of Ipsen’s vision. However, truly embodying a patient-centric mind-set begins with us. It’s about shifting focus to those within our organization and identifying where there’s a clear need to do more.

This is especially true when your own people are patients themselves. And with the understanding that it’s people who make the difference, we must always strive to do our best for them.

By signing the Cancer & Employment Charter, Ipsen France reaffirms its ongoing commitment to its employees who are currently living with cancer and other chronic illnesses to support them in their professional lives.

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