International Women’s Day 2020: For real equality!

Is a company a societal microcosm?

Today, a company cannot escape the debates that shake the rest of society. The situation of women is moving slowly, and we regret it. Not all companies are to be put in the same basket, many have adopted positive discrimination strategies to change the status quo and promote women to the highest positions. Although the pharma industry employs many women, few of them reach CEO positions. Today biotech/healthtech sector is one of the where women are most present in leadership roles; a work environment mindset where it is easier believing in yourself and reinventing yourself to foster your own carrier development.


Equality, yes, but what are we talking about?

We regularly hear about the principle of gender equality and we believe that this is where a company has a major role to play.

  • Enhancing a non-discriminatory culture Equal pay for equal work, same opportunity of professional development, no bias and fair work assessment process for all and inclusive work environment.
  • Building a diverse talent pipeline through a learning culture, and environment where every day is a learning experience, with fast-tracking talents programs, Leadership career path… but it starts first by requiring (it has to be a Must have!) that for every hiring or promotion, a mixed pool of men and women have been identified.

Easy…. Companies can do this just like we at Ipsen do it, because we believe it makes all the difference!


Women’s rights: a reality at Ipsen

The promotion and defense of human rights is an integral part of our DNA at Ipsen. In 2012, we signed the United Nations Global Compact Charter and made its principles our own. They are clearly enacted and scrutinized within the company. Our Business Ethics & HR departments are there to guarantee this, beyond the accountability of each employee. We do not and will not tolerate any behavior that is not guided by our code of conduct and we encourage all our employees to speak freely and without fear. This is one of our founding principles.


Our advancements in gender parity

Gender equality is critical at every level of the company. It is often simpler to apply these principles at global level than it is at top management level. This is why we are committed to making things happen and have set ourselves the target of gender parity at our Global Leadership Team (Top150) level by 2024. We have not reached this objective, but we are now sitting at 36.5%, surpassing the 2019 target. Although we still have a long way to go, we are confident in our ability to deliver on our commitment because it is our corporate social responsibility to raise the bar.


Dominique Laymand and Régis Mulot
Executive Vice-President, Ethics and Social Responsibility – Executive Vice-President, CHRO

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