By partnering with Ipsen, you will gain access to a like-minded global biopharmaceutical company with powerhouse development and commercialization teams. We are willing to take bold steps to translate your science and innovations into impactful products for patients in need.

Ipsen is entering an exciting new era as a leading global biopharmaceutical company committed to delivering innovation for patient care with a goal of launching at least one new molecular entity or meaningful indication each year. Global partnerships are critical to achieve this transformation and have become the most important driver of our next phase of growth.

We have a strong foundation to build upon with nearly 6,000 employees and products registered in over 100 countries with the U.S. being our fastest growing market.

Ipsen also has an outstanding partnership track record, progressing partnered products through global development and maximizing their value by expanding indications and opening new markets. We work with our partners to define a shared vision to unlock the full potential of their products, achieving mutual success for our partners and Ipsen. You will also find that our commitment, financial resources and size allow us to be flexible and creative in transactions.

If you have drug candidates that help patients with cancer and rare diseases or innovations that can build on our expertise in neurotoxins, we want to partner with you – because patients can’t wait.


Why Ipsen

Deals & Partnerships

We craft flexible, innovative partnerships and structure agreements with emerging, like-minded companies. Our goal is to foster solutions, advance science and deliver new therapies.

Our approaches include:

Deals & Partnerships

Throughout our discussions with Ipsen, we recognized the similarity of values and commitment to patients that have always been part of life at Clementia. We are confident that Ipsen will continue to promote these values as it uses its reach and resources to enable the rapid advancement and delivery of palovarotene to children and adults worldwide.

Dr. Clarissa Desjardins, Chief Executive Officer of Clementia

Our Partnering Philosophy

Your innovations and partnership are integral to our success

Successful partnerships start with a clear and transparent process that ultimately leads to developing common goals. We view every partnership opportunity as unique and our partnering process is customized to your asset and what you are looking for in a partnership with Ipsen. We aim to build a relationship with you through our partnering process.

We are diligent in assessment and exploration of new opportunities

In general, we begin our partnering process with you by ensuring your program is matched with a specialist in our External Innovation team with appropriate expertise for initial assessment at a non-confidential level.

If we are aligned on the key aspects pertaining to the potential of your program, its fit with Ipsen’s strategy and our mutual objectives of a partnership, we would progress our discussion under a confidentiality agreement to further our understanding of your program and partnering objectives, and your appreciation of what value Ipsen can bring as a partner. Our integrated team of experts will work closely with you to evaluate your confidential data and the potential of your program in detail. Our Global Business Development specialist will engage with you fully to explore a partnership structure that is mutually beneficial.

We have an engaged and transparent approach to partnering

Our unique combination of size, scope and expertise as a global biopharmaceutical company with a biotech mindset enables us to be decisive, competitive and creative in our partnering process. We conduct a transparent process and will stay fully engaged with you along the way.

When you partner with Ipsen, you will work with a dedicated member of our Alliance Management team with a relationship-focused and solution-based approach to partnership management.

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Our Partnering Philosophy

Alliance Management

When you partner with Ipsen, you will work with a dedicated member of our Alliance Management team with a relationship-focused and solution-based approach to partnership management.

Alliance Management 

“Ipsen’s shared vision and global expertise in development, regulatory and commercial has helped us deliver the benefits of cabozantinib to patients around the world.”

Michael M. Morrissey, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer At Exelixis
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