Ipsen and Blueprint enter exclusive agreement in FOP


Today, Ipsen announced it has entered into an exclusive, worldwide agreement with Blueprint Medicines to in-license global rights to BLU-782, an investigational ALK2 inhibitor for the treatment of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). FOP is an ultra-rare, severely disabling disorder characterized by bone that forms outside the normal skeleton, in muscles, tendons or soft tissue.

As a leading global biopharmaceutical company focused on innovation and Specialty Care, Ipsen is focused on delivering on its growth strategy. Core to the strategy is nurturing a culture of external innovation so that we can deliver new, impactful therapies for people affected by cancer, neurological and rare diseases.

Ipsen has demonstrated its commitment to leadership in FOP. Through the recent acquisition of Clementia, we gained palovarotene, a first-in-class asset which will enhance our ability to treat those affected by FOP and multiple osteochondromas (MO). Now, with the addition of BLU-782, which recently completed dosing in a Phase 1 study in healthy volunteers, we have two strong complementary drug candidates and the potential to offer the broadest possible suite of treatment options for FOP patients.

We will continue to develop and deliver valuable treatments for patients around the world living with FOP and other rare diseases.

The FDA has granted a rare pediatric disease designation, orphan drug designation and fast track designation to BLU-782.

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