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Dysport in Vulvodynia Phase II Study

Phase: Phase II Trial

Status: Active not recruiting

Indication: Vulvodynia

Dose Escalation and Dose Expansion Study of IPN60090 in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumours

Phase: Phase I Trial

Status: Recruiting

Indication: Solid Tumor

Dysport in Post-Surgical Neuralgia

Phase: Phase II Trial

Status: Completed

Indication: Chronic Scar Pain

Dysport in Hallux Abducto Valgus (HAV) Phase IIa

Phase: Phase II Trial

Status: Completed

Indication: Hallux Abductovalgus

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Only interventional studies that are not yet recruiting, recruiting, active not recruiting or completed since 2015 will be displayed.

The study results will be available on from 12 months after the end of the study.

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