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The mission of Fondation Ipsen is science for people

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Science for people: Reaching scientists

Strategic partner

Science/American Association for the Advancement of Science

Output: monthly international webinar for  world scientific community

  • To address issues critical for world science
  • They are  filmed live from the National Press foundation in Washington, DC
  • International webinars permanently archived in science
  • The access is international and free
  • Sample subjects: The price of success, fake science, entrepreneurship, application of science to advance social justice

Reaching scientists

Science for people : Reaching people

Strategic partner: National Press Foundation

Output 1

Annual Paris Accord On Science

25 leading journalists from around the world attend four days of lectures from the world’s leading scientists

Output 2

Journal watch

A web-based journal club to highlight science advances for the public

Output 3

Booklab: Fondation Ipsen's publishing house

In 2018 seven books were published:

  • books to educate 3 to 5-year-old children about cell biology
  • manga books to  illustrate female role models in science
  • a health manual for wounded veterans

Reaching people

Science for people: Reaching nations

Strategic partner: United Nations, UNESCO

Output: UNESCO science report

UNESCO Science Report is a renown worldwide resource, that has been used to track trends in science governance worldwide for quarter of a century.
Audience: 150 nations, Goals:

  1. economic development through science
  2. poverty and hunger reduction through economic growth
  3. stimulate international  scientific collaboration through resource sharing

Reaching nations

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