Study to evaluate the safety and activity (including distribution) of 177Lu-3BP-227 in subjects with solid tumours expressing neurotensin receptor type 1.

This study was being conducted to advance new treatment for patients with metastatic or locally advanced cancers expressing Neurotensin receptor 1 (NTSR1). This study was a first administration of a radioactive drug called 177Lu-3BP-227 to patients under controlled conditions of a clinical study. The purpose of this study is to evaluate how safe this investigational drug is as well to verify how well it is tolerated by patients after several intravenous administrations. In addition, the effect of the study drug on tumoral lesions and how it distributes throughout the body and at which rate it is removed from the body was evaluated. Since 177Lu-3BP-227 is a radio-labelled drug, it will also be measured how the emitted radiation is distributed throughout the body (dosimetry). The study consisted of a phase I dose escalation part. The study originally planned to include a phase II study however due to early termination (not due to safety concerns) the study did not progress to phase II and was stopped during phase I. For the phase I dose escalation part, it was anticipated that approximately 30 subjects will be included, in up to six escalation steps. No expansion cohorts were implemented.

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