Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the strategic guidelines for Ipsen’s activities and oversees implementation. Subject to the powers expressly attributed to shareholders’ meetings, the Board considers all matters regarding the operation of the company and, through its deliberations, settles any issues arising. The Board of Directors ensures that the company’s shareholders and the general public are provided with accurate information. It ensures that the company has reliable procedures for identifying, measuring and monitoring its commitments and risks, as well as adequate financial and operational internal controls. The Board of Directors met twelve times in 2015.



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    • Anne BEAUFOUR
    • Henri BEAUFOUR
    • Hervé COUFFIN1
    • Antoine FLOCHEL (Vice Chairman)
    • Mayroy SA (represented by Philippe Bonhomme)2
    • Pierre MARTINET1
    • Michèle OLLIER1
    • Hélène AURIOL-POTIER1
    • Christophe VÉROT
    • Carol XUEREF2

    Secretary : Olivier JOCHEM (Company Secretary)

    Independent Directors
    Directors renewed at the General Meeting of May 31, 2016 


    Updated on 22 July 2016