We empower our teams to address patients’ challenges with passion and care


Together is a core value at Ipsen. Our approach is science-led and patient-driven, with the patient experience at the heart of everything we do. From our teams to our partners to our stakeholders, we believe we can achieve more together. Our team members work with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to create a positive impact for patients and society.

Key Facts

We believe in empowering every member of our global team, so each can contribute with passion and care to address patients’ challenges.



We maintain transparency and open dialogue with employees, healthcare professionals and patients, investors and the financial community, suppliers and partners, regulatory authorities and agencies, local communities and the media. Through our work with patient organizations, we support a patient’s wider network, including their family and caregivers.

Going forward, we are prioritizing an experience exchange to give patients a seat at the table. Through the data generated from these exchanges, we can chart the right course together with patients to make a meaningful difference to their lives.

Company Values

At Ipsen, we belong to a purpose-driven, collaborative community where each team member plays a crucial role in creating real impact for patients and society. Our people strive always to be focused, nimble, inclusive and authentic.

Driven by science and data, we promote a culture of collaboration and excellence, which is centered around our common purpose. It incorporates our diversity and inclusion strategy, our Leadership and Way of Being behaviors, and our commitment to responsibility through our Generation Ipsen vision. At Ipsen, everyone’s individual contribution is recognized, and together we act responsibly to build a better future.

Ipsen Way of Being

Our Ipsen Way of Being is organized into five pillars. Each is a key ingredient to cultivating a culture of collaboration and excellence among our teams while advancing the Ipsen strategy.