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Driving positive change for patients

Our focus on the fields of oncology, rare disease and neuroscience enables us to develop an ever-greater understanding of patients’ needs and experiences. Our objective is to take patient-centricity to the next level by impacting medical care and patient outcomes in our therapeutic areas, notably by building a deep understanding of the patient journey. Patient insights are essential to challenge the status quo, while collaboration with healthcare systems can bring about advancements for patients around the world.

Our action to better support Patients is focused on three areas:

  • Delivering a truly patient-centred experience
  • Enabling access to good health
  • Driving innovation
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Patients are at the heart of everything we do at Ipsen. It is their experiences, insights and passion that drives us, and keeps us focused on what matters most: shaping positive change that can help people across the world to live better, longer lives.

EVP, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Global Medical Affairs, Patient Safety and Patient Affairs

How we support patients across the world

At Ipsen we strive to create experiences and build innovation based on what patients value most. Examples of how we live this in practice include: