At Ipsen, we are fostering a culture of responsibility that touches every part of our business.


At Ipsen, our commitment to responsibility is lived through an identity that unites our employees around a common vision. We call it Generation Ipsen – For Positive Change.

Through Generation Ipsen, we foster a culture of integrity and responsibility that touches every part of our business. A culture where we go beyond commitments and where each of us understands the individual role we must play in shaping positive change. We define specific goals and proactively set out how we will deliver on these – inspiring and empowering action that will ensure we create a better, healthier world for future generations.

Generation Ipsen focuses on driving positive action:



Caring for the planet

At Ipsen, we’re passionate about fostering a sustainable future for our planet and communities. Our comprehensive environmental strategy revolves around responsible consumption and production, decisive climate action, and protecting the earth’s precious…



Patients at the heart of everything we do

Our focus on Oncology, Rare disease and Neuroscience enables us to develop an ever-greater understanding of patients’ needs and experiences. Our objective is to take patient-centricity to the next level by impacting medical care and patient outcomes in…



Passionate people making a real impact, every day

At Ipsen, we want our people to thrive. We aim to ensure that we create a passionate, healthy, and diverse team that supports each other, as well as our partners and the communities we serve. Our people embody our culture of responsibility and our commi…