Julien Dagher

Julien Dagher

Julien Dagher

  • General Manager

Julien is a seasoned professional with a rich multicultural background. Born and raised in Lebanon, Julien spent a significant part of his life in France, shaping his global perspective. He is a Pharmacist with a Masters in Medical Management from the Paris Business School.

Julien’s life journey is as diverse as his professional one. He lived in various European capitals, including Milan, Brussels, London, Prague, and Paris, earning him the title of  ‘citizen of the world’. Living in Australia, has been a long-held dream.

In December 2022, Julien brought his extensive experience to Ipsen, following a successful 10-year tenure at Novartis where he launched several assets in Cardiology, Oncology and Hematology. With over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Julien has made significant contributions to companies like Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Sanofi Aventis, working across various disease areas in Specialty care.

Beyond his professional commitments, Julien is a man of many passions. He finds solace in music, often seen strumming his guitar or playing the piano with a glass of wine in hand. His interest extends to innovation and new technologies, always staying abreast of the latest trends.

In his leisure time, Julien embarks on adventures sailing and snorkeling around the world. An avid photographer, he captures these moments and shares his perspective through captivating landscape photos on Instagram.

Julien’s life, much like his career, is a testament to his diverse interests and relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience.