Social Responsibility in the UK & Ireland

Ipsen maintains a deep commitment to our people, to patients and to the environment.

Generation Ipsen: For Positive Change

At Ipsen, our commitment to social responsibility is lived through an identity that unites our employees around a common vision. We call it Generation Ipsen – For Positive Change.

Through Generation Ipsen, we are fostering a culture of integrity and responsibility that touches every part of our business. A culture where we go beyond commitments, and where each of us understands the individual role we must play in shaping positive change. We define specific goals and proactively set out how we will deliver on these – inspiring and empowering action that will ensure we create a better, healthier world for future generations.

Generation Ipsen focuses on driving positive action across four pillars:

  • Environment
  • Patients
  • People
  • Governance

We are committed to transparency at every step, and continually challenge ourselves to go beyond what is expected – doing what is right, not what is easy. Across all our initiatives, care is taken to align with the United Nations’ internationally recognized Sustainable Development Goals, and we remain firmly supportive of these major priorities.

Below you can find out how each of our individual sites within the UK & Ireland are responding to these social practice pillars.

Across the UK & Ireland, we have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leads at each site. These leads organise and promote initiatives to local colleagues, translating the CSR strategy into tangible outcomes to involve employees. The below highlights some of the great hub initiatives in the last year, in addition to the other ongoing work that contributes to our social responsibility in the UK & Ireland.

Our UK & Ireland Sustainability Charter

In the UK and Ireland, we have a shared ambition that will allow us to deliver on commitments for our planet, for people, for patients.

Our sites in the UK

Our sites in Ireland


May 2023

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