Our Partnerships and Contributions in Ireland

At Ipsen, we strive to be a creative and like-minded partner of choice. We believe that achieving the best results for patients depends on our ability to work effectively and ethically in partnership with those around us, including healthcare professionals, the NHS and HSE, patient groups, policy makers and government. 

Ipsen in partnership

Ipsen understands that working in partnership with those around us is a cornerstone of achieving meaningful change for patients. As a growing organisation with a dynamic and agile mindset, we are continuously trying to identify ways in which Ipsen can support the UK and Ireland healthcare ecosystem. It is our aim to meet both the needs of patients and the community who care for them.

Whether working with world-leading scientists investigating cutting-edge science, partnering with the NHS and HSE to improve care for patients, or working with patient groups on disease awareness initiatives, we strive to establish partnerships with strong ethical foundations and bold ambitions.

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Our contribution

Ipsen invests significantly in Ireland as part of our ongoing commitment to drive positive change for patients, supporting the HSE, and offering exceptional people a great place to work. We have successfully brought eight new treatments or indications to the UK & Ireland market in recent years. Our bold ambition is to launch at least one new product or meaningful indication each year.

Every year, we invest millions into the British economy, generating meaningful impact to society. From 2019 to October 2021 Ipsen invested around £86.8m into our UK & Ireland sites, developing facilities as well as our clinical and R&D programmes.

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Our Collaborations

As a company we pride ourselves on our ability to work in partnership with our customers identifying opportunities where our products can make a difference to patients’ lives within the therapy areas of oncology, neuroscience, and rare diseases.

We take a patient centric approach in all that we do, working collaboratively with our customers to develop innovative patient support programs. One of these programs allows patients/carers the ability to self-administer their medication at home allowing more independence. This was especially important during the recent pandemic where there was a severe burden on the health service.

We are continuously looking at innovative ways to support patients manage their disease and are currently piloting an app to help patients within the neuroscience disease area record and manage symptoms of their disease.


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