Partnering with Patient Groups

Ipsen understands that working in partnership with those around us is a cornerstone of achieving meaningful change for patients. We strive for genuine collaboration with advocacy groups, always putting patients at the heart of everything we do. We support the work of many patient advocacy groups across the UK and Ireland, working in partnership, we aim to help people and families affected by debilitating conditions to live better lives.

Over the past couple of years, Ipsen, like many other biopharmaceutical companies, has transitioned away from supporting patient organisations primarily through the mechanism of grants & donations. As such we no longer have a designated grants & donations allocation each year. Of course, working with and supporting patient groups is still critically important for us – our mission to support better outcomes for patients is uppermost for the company. We are keen to explore projects where we can collaborate, be this through developing partnership activities or through areas like sponsorship.

If you are representing a patient organisation or charity and would like to speak to us about a potential partnership, please contact us via the Contact Us button on this website.

Let’s Talk About the Hard Things – Taboo Campaign with Prostate Cancer Research and Tackle Prostate Cancer.

This campaign was launched in 2021 to break down taboos around prostate cancer treatment side effects and encourage men to talk about their experience with friends, family and healthcare professionals. Read more about this campaign in the summary below.

Patient Advocacy Group Educational Seminar Series

Also in 2021, we embarked on a series of educational seminars in partnership with 14 patient organisations, spanning a wide and diverse range of disease areas. The aim of the three-seminar series was to help the patient groups involved develop a deeper understanding of bench-to-bedside medicine development and the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process. You can read more about the seminar series in the pdf summary below.

Partnerships and Contributions in the UK


August 2022

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