Collaborating with the NHS

Partnerships and Contributions in the UK

Ipsen works hand-in-hand with the NHS to support patients, further healthcare research and drive best practice across the UK and Ireland. By collaborating with the NHS, identifying mutual interests and working on shared objectives, our joint working projects aim to improve the lives of patients across the UK.

With the global pandemic causing an unprecedented change to the NHS, we are committed to supporting the NHS’ recovery from the pandemic, by aligning our operating plans with the integrated NHS reform agenda. Furthermore, we have prioritised patient safety by pioneering innovative drug administration that ensures where possible patients can access their healthcare at home, keeping vulnerable people out of hospitals. Through a partnership with Healthcare at Home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we estimate that there was a 306% increase in new patients referred to homecare support and a 338% increase in patients/carers self-sufficiently administering medicine at home. The service not only increased independence for the patients and their household but also decreased the burden on the health service at a crucial time.

In early 2021, we announced the launch of a new partnership with Mendelian to utilise Mendelian’s MendelScan software. MendelScan software, which uses state-of-the-art technology, data capture and the latest medical knowledge, is designed to integrate into NHS systems and scan patients’ electronic health records. It will be used by general practitioners (GPs) to alert them to risk factors, enabling faster referral and diagnosis. The ongoing partnership will initially focus on two rare diseases. You can find the Mendelian Partnership summary below.

Ipsen joint working ventures and collaborations with the NHS help drive best practice, deliver better patient care and support the vital work of healthcare professionals, working in partnership to deliver the best NHS care.


August 2022

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