What types of grants do we fund?

Educational Grants

Funding may be provided to registered medical associations, academic institutions, or patient organizations to support independent medical education. The primary audience for these grants should be healthcare professionals or patients. Ipsen may fund educational seminars, webinars and symposia; the development of educational materials; and other types of valuable educational programs. Award programs, scholarships and fellowships administered by non-profit entities or multiple healthcare institutions that further research in a therapeutic area of focus for Ipsen will also be considered.

Research Grants

Funding may be provided to any registered third-party research entity, academic institutions, patient organizations or other entities that would like to conduct non-drug related, epidemiological research. Such funding may only be given in instances in which Ipsen does not have control, or input, into the research focus, design, or output. Furthermore, any results, reports, or other work product generated by the organization must be for general publication, and not as a deliverable to Ipsen. Such funding may not be provided for Ipsen research and development purposes. For information on Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS), click here. 

Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Additionally, Ipsen will consider requests for funding education relating to epidemiology, diagnosis, and/or treatment in the following disease states:

Rare Disease

  • Pituitary disease, including acromegaly
  • Hormonal dysfunction, including severe primary IGF-1 deficiency (SPIGFD)
  • Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP)


  • Cervical dystonia and other dystonic disorders
  • Spasticity
  • Other movement disorders


  • Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs)
  • Carcinoid syndrome
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Renal Cancer
  • Liver cancer

Grant approvals are not connected to or conditioned upon the purchasing, prescribing, providing favorable recommendations for, or otherwise supporting Ipsen products. The funding of a grant request does not impose an obligation, expressed or implied, on the recipient to purchase, prescribe, provide favorable formulary status for, or otherwise support Ipsen products. Formal notifications of grant awards will be made in writing to the applicant organization and supersede any prior oral or written understandings or communications between the applicant and Ipsen.

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Types of Grants

What do you need to submit a grant?

To be considered for funding, the request should meet all the criteria of an appropriate educational activity, including that it is independent, the information provided is balanced, accurate and not misleading, delivered to a broad audience and is reasonable in cost.

Grant requests will be reviewed by Ipsen’s Grants and Donations Review Committee on the basis of scientific, medical, and/or public health criteria. This committee meets quarterly, or as needed throughout the year.

To be considered, you must complete an Ipsen Grants and Donations intake form, which you may obtain by contacting us at This ensures that Ipsen has all the required documentation and information needed for review. Along with completion of this form, you must also provide the following:

Letter of Request – including:

  • An educational need for the program
  • Learning objectives
  • Description of your organization and mission/purpose
  • What is being requested
  • Date and location of the activity

Agenda or brochure – including a detailed description of the event or a synopsis of materials to be created

Detailed Budget Document – a detailed budget for the total event/project, including

  • Total amount of funds requested from Ipsen
  • A breakdown of expenses and projected number of attendees
  • Percentage of funding requested from Ipsen to the total funding for the activity. Preference will be given to those events funded by more than one donor
  • Percentage of Ipsen’s cumulative contribution vs. overall annual External Requestor’s budget

Other Documentation Required

  • Document containing the legal status of the institution (e.g. copy of the business registration form, Excerpt from Commercial Registry, statute of the organization, Deed of Foundation)
  • Any other relevant documents to support your grant request (agenda of the event, protocol for research grant, etc.)

What You Need

Submit a Grant Request

To submit a request, send the completed Grants and Donations Intake Form and required documentation to

Begin the Process

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