#WeWontRest in using digital innovation to transform patients’ lives

Harout Semerjian, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, Ipsen


The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) recently launched the next phase of EFPIA’s #WeWontRest campaign was launched. This campaign highlights the healthcare sector’s efforts to find better treatments and cures for patients. Ipsen has been a keen and active supporter of this campaign since our very first pledge last year – #WeWontRest until everyone affected by disease can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.


The theme of the new phase of EFPIA’s campaign is Connecting Healthcare. This really resonates with me. We are in a digital revolution in healthcare and new technologies are paving new ways of connecting with patients. These technologies can support, inform and connect a patient-centric ecosystem. However, they require quicker responsiveness, and to succeed, innovators must manoeuvre through culturally conservative, highly regulated and fragmented systems. This will entail disruption in the way healthcare has traditionally been provided.


At Ipsen, we’re committed to improving the lives of patients by working together with them – gathering insights, co-creating solutions and measuring success. Only by working with patients can we truly understand and help them. Their insights can help us redefine the value of our products and improve patient outcomes. By working with patients, we can understand their needs and identify areas where digital technologies can best connect.


As an industry, we need to overcome technology related-limitations and embrace new models to deliver relevant, appropriate information to those in need. If we connect digital and healthcare, anything’s possible.


At Ipsen, #WeWontRest in our quest to build innovative, digital connections that have the power to transform patients’ lives around the world.

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