Consumer Healthcare

In consumer healthcare, Ipsen offers treatments for gastrointestinal disorders, neurodegenerative pathologies, and rheumatology. More than 70% of sales in this segment are in the international market, with considerable opportunities in emerging markets.


Meet patients’ needs through innovative technologies

Ipsen has a long history in the consumer healthcare marketplace and continues to develop through galenic innovations or new formulations, new products and partnerships to better serve patients’ to better serve patients’ needs. The Consumer Healthcare Business Unit is supported by a network of more than 50 partners worldwide for the manufacturing, marketing, distribution and in-licensing of medicines to strengthen its product portfolio in strategic areas.

Ipsen’s industrial investment allows it to manage the entire value chain for Ipsen’s Consumer healthcare portfolio, from the active agent to the finished product. The industrial site at Dreux, which has a unique platform and expertise for transforming clays, provides drugs for countries all over the world, except for China, where Smecta® is supplied by our Tianjin factory.



Smecta® is based on naturally extracted purified clay and is primarily indicated for the symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhea in children and adults, and for chronic diarrhea and functional bowel pain in adults. Smecta® is one of Ipsen’s pillar products, particularly in China, where the Group has a production facility serving the local market. Diarrhea is defined as too frequent, or abundant or liquid stools (more than these stools per day or stool weight above 300g per 24 hours in adults). Chronicity is defined by diarrhea duration above one month.

Smectalia® is a new formulation of Smecta®. Reserved for use by adults, this drug was introduced in France in 2013 and is available to patients in pharmacies over the counter (OTC).

Forlax® is an osmotic laxative indicated for the symptomatic treatment of constipation in adults and children. Constipation is defined as less than three bowel movements per week and/or defecation difficulties.

Fortrans®, a colon cleansing solution, is indicated for patients in preparation for endoscopic and radiological examinations and colonic surgery.

October 2013 saw the launch of a new-generation product for bowel cleansing: Eziclen®/Izinova® is indicated for cleansing prior to endoscopic examinations and treatments or colonic surgery, and may also be indicated for use with video capsule techniques. It is a valuable addition to the range in support of Fortrans®, which remains the leading product to date. Eziclen®/Izinova® considerably reduces the quantity of liquid to be ingested by the patient, while improving the cleansing quality, especially in the right colon, and increasing the efficacy of colonoscopies, notably for the detection of colorectal cancers. Eziclen® was launched in Germany and the Netherlands in 2014.


Neurodegenerative diseases

Tanakan® is a standardized and patented ginkgo biloba extract (EGb761®), and is indicated mainly for the symptomatic treatment of cognitive disorders (i.e. memory, concentration) in the elderly, as well as vertigo and tinnitusis.


Rheumatology (gout)

Gout is an inflammatory rheumatism induced by crystallization of uric acids in case of elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. High uric acid plasmatic levels trigger periodic painful attacks of arthritis and in time can result in other complications, including renal.

Adenuric® contains febuxostat, which inhibits the metabolism of certain substances (purines) that convert to uric acid in the body.

Adenuric® is indicated for the treatment of chronic hyperuricemia (high level of uric acid in the blood) and is a basic therapy in the management of gout.

€311.6 M

Sales in consumer healthcare in 2016

(19.7% of sales in 2016)

Last update 02/05/2017