People make the difference

Ipsen is a global, specialty-driven biopharmaceutical group. All over the world, our teams make a difference to millions of people. Discovering new solutions for debilitating diseases and improving quality of life for patients, our work is challenging, rewarding and absolutely vital.



Turning ideas into action. Turning talent into impact.

Everything we do, in every part of our business, has one simple purpose: to make a real impact on our patients’ lives. So we give our talented people all the support and development they need to turn ideas into action. And each and every one of us is expected to be innovative, collaborative and agile. This is no ordinary company, so we offer extraordinary opportunities. We don’t stand still, because patients can’t wait.  



What matters to you?

We make a straightforward deal with our people based on what matters most to us as an organisation and what matters most to us as employees.


What matters to IPSEN


What matters to our people

  • Ethical, high-performance leadership
  • Commitment and focus
  • Accountability and delivery
  • Strong current and future product portfolio
  • Meaningful and impactful work
  • Competitive rewards and recognition
  • Learning, development and career growth opportunities
  • Caring culture and a secure environment


Here are some of the amazing Ipsen people working across research and development, production, procurement, sales and marketing and support functions to create better lives for our patients.