R&D strategy

Our research & development strategy is guided by the principle of service to patients, to deliver therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs in Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases. We are recognized for our unique expertise in neurotoxin biology.



“Dare”, because our vision is based on scientific curiosity and risk-taking as we continue to innovate and push the frontiers of knowledge. To discover new targets, create innovative therapeutic treatments, and explore emerging fields, Ipsen has teamed up in unique partnerships at the very early stages of research tackling the major scientific challenges of the future. To develop new therapeutic solutions with significant clinical and patient benefits we need to explore new scientific ground and take calculated risks at each step along the way.

“Share”, because creativity feeds on multiple collaborations with both academic research and innovative companies. This tradition of collaborative efforts and partnerships is in Ipsen’s R&D DNA. The Group deploys a “win-win” approach with partners and internal teams to respond as quickly as possible to scientific and medical challenges.

“Care”, because the patient always comes first and is central to the company’s primary aims to provide patients with therapeutic solutions and define molecules with the desired efficacy and safety. Translational medicine is integrated into all R&D phases to lead the emergence of therapeutic concepts and guide the clinical research during the drug development process. The aim of precision medicine approach is to accurately identify the patient group most likely to benefit from the proposed treatment and to optimize the use of new molecules.


A long tradition of successful partnerships and external innovation

We make sure we access the best information and opportunities provided through external networks and maximize the potential for in-licensing novel and life-changing treatments. The partnerships that we develop with leading academic institutes, biotechs and medical centers allow us to test the relevance of our research concepts. Networks are built around Ipsen’s areas of expertise in Oncology, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases. Through open innovation, we strengthen Ipsen’s R&D capacity, gaining access to new and promising technologies that support the exploration of new research fields.


A Development Powerhouse

Our biotech mindset, combined with the scale and advantages of a global pharmaceutical company, has established us as a development powerhouse in our core focus areas. We have therapeutically-aligned teams, global expertise in regulatory affairs, patient safety and medical affairs as well as a proven ability to bring new, life changing therapies successfully through clinical development.


Patient-driven research and development

We want to provide safe and effective therapeutic solutions for our patients, many of whom suffer from very disabling conditions. Our patient-drivenethos depends upon the early engagement of patients in our research & development processes. We want to hear the voice of the patient in helping us to design and deliver clinical trials so we regularly hold patient advisory boards to gain appropriate input.