3 internationally renowned R&D centers

Ipsen has set-up its R&D centers at the heart of three internationally reputed scientific hubs: Paris-Saclay in France, Oxford in United Kingdom and Cambridge in United States of America. Each site is located close to leading academic research centers, cutting edge medical centers and biotechnological companies. The interactions with these different players in the health industry develop our chances of having access to innovative technologies in order to speed up the discovery and commissioning of drugs and services that improve the lives of patients.

Ipsen Bioinnovation is a pioneering research and development organization with a unique experience in recombinant botulinum toxin technology. Researchers and scientists in the United Kingdom work to expand their understanding of botulinum neurotoxins and discover and develop entirely new molecular compounds that are designed to treat disease and improve quality of life for patients.

Ipsen Bioinnovation is focused on the discovery of new recombinant botulinum toxins as well as developing a new class of biopharmaceuticals — targeted secretion inhibitors (TSIs) or retargeted molecules. By nature of their molecular design, botulinum neurotoxins can be modified to unlock their clinical potential. With three separate elements to each molecule, Ipsen Bioinnovation is able to use its expertise in both peptides and toxins to replace the binding domain in order to have it target a specific disease mechanism for the desired impact. As these biological molecules are synthesized, a combination of naturally occurring and engineered functional protein domains is created with the resulting therapeutic proteins able to bind selectively to chosen cell types.

The botulinum toxin platform has very broad therapeutic potential in many areas: neuroscience as well as oncology, endocrinology and regenerative medicine.

Ipsen Bioinnovation continues to be a leading innovator and secured more than 200 patents and pending patents. Working together with some of the most prestigious institutions, hospitals and scientists in the world, Ipsen Bioinnovation is committed to establishing partnerships and collaborations that will drive research forward and provide solutions to address unmet medical needs. As part of the Ipsen Group, Ipsen Bioinnovation is able to not only to discover new therapeutic candidates, but also to provide the pharmacological, preclinical and clinical assessment of these newly discovered compounds and eventually bring them to the patients who need them the most.


With our unparalleled toxins capability, Ipsen Bioinnovation is dedicated to building a full toxin portfolio and focused on developing new formulations that will better address patients’ needs and expand the spectrum of clinical applications.

John Chaddock, PhD

VP, Neurology-Site Head


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