Demerger of Mayroy SA and Internal reclassification of Ipsen shares

Luxembourg (France), 19 December 2019 – As previously announced in a press release dated November 5th, 2019Mayroy SA’s shareholders, (the Beaufour and Schwabe families), have now implemented the demerger of Mayroy SA (Ipsen’s controlling holding company) This demerger was completed on December 19th, 2019, following a waiver to the obligation to file a public offer granted by the AMF on December 4th, 2019 and absent any recourse against that decision.

The internal reclassification of Ipsen shares held by Mayroy SA (56.40% of the capital and 72.08% of the voting rights) amongst Anne and Henri Beaufour’s and the Schwabe family’s respective holding companies is now effective and will be the subject of threshold crossing notifications.



Press Contact for Mayroy

Laurent Poinsot                                +33153707470                         

Anne-France Malrieu                    +33153707466                         

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