Patient stories

Although discovering that you are living with a certain condition might feel quite daunting at times, you are certainly not alone. Behind every patient, there is a story and we believe you tell that story best. The following stories range from living with cancer to being diagnosed with acromegaly, or how it is to deal with mobility impairment.

Living with post-stroke spasticity

Diana –

“I think it’s out of love for my children, and the love of my husband, which is how I succeeded, that I have managed to find the strength to fight stroke.” 

Post-stroke spasticity

Living with FOP

Nadine –

“Researching your own illness is double motivation. Knowing the results might be able to benefit others, as well as myself, keeps me motivated.”


Richard –

“You have to face up to having a life-long condition, having negative feelings solves nothing”

Living with breast cancer

Lili –

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was overwhelmed by the impact it would have on others, and the pity I felt from them because of my young age.”

Breast cancer

Living with NETs

Ronny –

“My diagnosis was through complete chance, and was triggered when I told a nurse I’d lost weight.”


Living with dystonia

Monica –

“It became worse and worse and I was in bed most of the summer”


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