Strategic alliance management

Innovation for patient care through a structured approach to the management of partnering.


Ipsen partners from basic research through to product commercialization. Strategic alliances are managed by the Strategic Alliance Management group which was established to develop a consistent approach to develop for novel medicines in our expertise areas i.e. oncology, neurosciences and endocrinology. Strategic Alliances are part of Ipsen’s DNA and represent a valuable revenue growth vector.


Alliance Management aims to:

  • Maximize the value generated by alliances
  • Reducing the risk of failure due to the complexity of the collaborative work.


Partnerships allow the Group to:

  • Access resources for its programs and expand its base, by developing partnerships with companies with complementary skills, innovative products or technologies;
  • Optimize its distribution network by obtaining marketing rights for third-party products in countries where the Group already has a presence;
  • Maximize commercial benefits by granting licenses for Ipsen’s products to external partners but which do not fall within the Group’s core business areas.

Strategic Alliance Management team

Last update 21/10/2016