Business development


A focused strategy

Ipsen’s business development strategy is focused in three therapeutic areas:

  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology
  • Neurology


We are looking for partnerships in our therapeutic focus

Specialty care
and regional
Endocrinology Neurology Consumer Healthcare
  • All solid tumors where Ipsen can leverage its global footprint eg: prostate, bladder, urogenital, pancreatic, lung, breast
  • Early and late stage
  • All modalities
  • All neuroendocrine tumors, treatment of underlying disease and symptoms
  • Other endocrine diseases eg: Cushing’s, short stature, pituitary adenoma, adrenal cell carcinoma, acromegaly
  • Complementary products to Dysport®
  • Neuromuscular disorders, all forms of spasticity and spasticity related disorders
  • New toxins


  • New products in Gastroenterology from Rx to OTC (“OTX”)
  • Consolidation of existing geographies with complimentary products to Smecta® and Forlax®
  • Life cycle management of Smecta®  and Forlax®  branded products
  • New geographies



  • Global Specialty care or niche development stage and marketed products
  • US only late stage and/or marketed opportunities complimentary to our commercial footprint within our core therapeutic areas of oncology, neurology and endocrinology
  • Marketed opportunities synergistic with our existing business; or expansion within our core areas of focus


Within our strategic areas of interest, we are seeking:

  • Assets at all stages of development
  • Commercialized products that are complimentary to our global and/or regional footprint
  • Novel peptides or toxin platforms
  • Early-stage R&D, delivery and devices
  • External partners for existing Ipsen compounds/products


A creative and flexible approach

With more than 20 partners and alliances worldwide, our business model is specifically designed to allow for flexibility and creativity. We have vast experience in creating successful partnerships utilizing a variety of deal structures including:

  • Research collaborations
  • In-licensing and out-licensing
  • Co-development, co-marketing and co-promotion
  • Joint-ventures, including spin-offs
  • Assets and company acquisitions


Commitment to Success

We have a strong corporate commitment to partnerships at Ipsen with dedicated, cross-functional resources to ensure the success and innovation of each partnership. In addition to a team of experienced business development professionals, our senior leadership team remains accessible and actively involved in advancement of our products. This structure enables fast-track decision making along with visibility into resource allocation. We value the key role our partners play in achieving our goal to innovate for patient care. Together, we stimulate and progress new research projects to improve our patients’ lives. Our targeted collaboration efforts with synergistic companies having complementary skills and technologies provide significant value, including:

  • Enhancing our R&D portfolio with molecules in all stages of development
  • Maximizing the value of our distribution network through late-stage partnerships
  • Extending our geographical presence in all areas, including consumer healthcare, through targeted product acquisition, notably in Europe, Russia and China
  • Strengthening our technology base and early research

Sharing and expanding expertise increases the number of research projects we can bring to feasibility. For Ipsen and our trusted partners, collaboration is producing more innovative and therapeutic opportunities to benefit our patients.

Last update 13/10/2015