Rare Disease

In the field of rare disease, Ipsen takes a patient-focused approach to improving the lives of people affected by rare disorders and develops high-quality, innovative treatments that address unmet needs. Our goal is to support patients with drugs, services and solutions across the entire continuum of care, from diagnosis to treatment follow-up.

Ipsen in Rare Disease

Our strategy

At Ipsen, we are driven to develop and enable timely access to innovative therapies and provide solutions for people living with debilitating and / or life threatening rare conditions.

Working together with the rare disease community, we strive to better understand the challenges faced by patients and their families and then build on our expertise to address them.

We want people living with rare disease to know we support them throughout their entire journey for better management of their conditions. Our ultimate goal is to leave no patient behind.

Our commitment to Rare Disease

We have been active in the rare disease field for many years, bringing scientific advancements to patients, investing significantly in our agile R&D model and leveraging our global expertise and local presence.  Our people are committed to making innovative new treatments available to people with rare disease as quickly as possible.

We know that embracing co-creation is the most effective way to address the challenges of living with rare disease. This is why we listen to patients, their families, carers and healthcare providers, integrating their insights in to our efforts from the early stages of R&D.

It is through trust, collaboration and strategic partnerships that we will achieve the best results for rare disease patients around the world.

Our areas of expertise

Our Rare Disease pipeline

At Ipsen, we are focused on delivering on our growth strategy. Core to the strategy is attracting the most promising external innovation so that we can deliver impactful new therapies for people affected by cancer, neurological and rare disease.

Further developing our presence in rare disease constitutes a natural path forward for Ipsen.  In the future, we will continue to expand in this area of high unmet medical needs, leveraging expertise from development to commercialization to establish leadership positions and provide innovative treatments.

In particular, we will strengthen our portfolio with a particular emphasis on treatments for children.  We believe we need to provide our caregivers and physicians with the ability to treat these patients with new options and the launch of new trials is crucial this.



By partnering with Ipsen, you will gain access to a like-minded global biopharmaceutical company with powerhouse development and commercialization teams. We are willing to take bold steps to translate your science and innovations into impactful products for patients in need.

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Partnerships with patients and healthcare providers

Ipsen’s support for acromegaly patients goes beyond treatments. The Acromunity.com website, launched in 2017 in conjunction with patients and healthcare professionals, offers a platform, that delivers content, tools and services to match their needs, from the time of first symptoms to years after diagnosis.

In the United States, Ipsen supports IPSEN CARES™ (Coverage, Access, Reimbursement and Education Support), a program that assists patients in overcoming obstacles to start or continue treatment with SOMATULINE® for gastroenteropancreatic NETs and acromegaly, as well as INCRELEX® and DYSPORT®.  The website includes advice on issues relating to access, distribution and financial concerns.

In Europe, the Group has set up INKEP (Ipsen Network of Knowledge Exchange Program) for small groups of physicians specializing in pediatric endocrinology. It combines scientific presentations, case discussions and interactive sit-in clinic visits.

Other initiatives in pediatric endocrinology include APPRI in France, a personalized training program for patients that helps increase their autonomy at home during treatment with the recombinant growth hormone NUTROPINAQ® and the NUTROPINAQ® injection pen, which improves treatment compliance.

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