Rare Disease

Ipsen is committed to developing innovative solutions for people living with rare diseases. By focusing our efforts on the rarest diseases, we make substantial impact in areas with significant unmet needs. We aim to improve the lives of the estimated 350 - 400 million people impacted by one of 7,000 rare diseases globally.1

Our Commitment to Rare Disease

Working with the rare disease community, we strive to better understand the challenges faced by those living with rare diseases and their families, and then use our expertise to help address them. We are inspired by the strong and resilient rare disease communities around the world, driving us to work even harder to develop innovative treatments to improve their lives. We actively listen to and learn from their experiences and integrate their insights into our efforts throughout the development process.

We have been focused on developing potential treatments for rare diseases for many years, and it remains a core part of our strategy. We have invested significantly in research and development and leveraged our scientific expertise to bring scientific advancements to patients. By conducting first-in-the-world clinical trials, we help continue the search for life-changing medicines.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our Rare Disease Pipeline

At Ipsen, our research decisions are guided by patient outcomes. Emphasizing a culture of open innovation, we focus our R&D efforts on accelerating prioritized internal projects while actively sourcing external assets in clearly defined segments. As we target differentiated medicines in our core areas, including rare disease, we will support innovative and differentiated therapeutics, bolstering our external sourcing model while expanding our portfolio. We will also maximize the value of our current pipeline assets.

As a global biopharmaceutical company with a focus on innovation and specialty care, we have the ambition to build a robust, valuable, and sustainable portfolio of medicines to meet those living with rare diseases and their healthcare teams’ needs. We have a focused approach and prioritize best-in-class collaborations for new, emerging products in rare disease – an area where we have proven experience and global capabilities along with a strong network of partners.

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