Ipsen Named One of the Best Workplaces in Ireland

Ipsen was recognised as the 12th Best Medium Workplace in Ireland 2018.

The Great Place to Work Institute defines a great place to work as one where employees trust the people they work with, have great pride in the work they do and enjoy the camaraderie of the people they work with. From a manager’s perspective, it is one where they achieve organizational objectives, by employees giving their personal best, working as a team in an environment of trust. Simply for Ipsen Dublin, the aim is to create and build a high trust, high performance company.

I am very proud that Ipsen Dublin has been officially recognised as a Best Place to Work.
We have a tremendous team in Dublin who have worked superbly to make this happen with the result that we now have a high trust, high performing workplace with record levels of engagement.

James Byrne
Vice-President Dublin Manufacturing Site


This was the first time Ipsen has received this accolade, and the Dublin site is fully committed to maintaining the improvements which have been made to date and the team will continue to build upon their success.


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