Ipsen is present at ESGE Days with an educational symposium and two oral presentations

ESGE DAYS 2019 is the second edition of a congress dedicated to increasing quality of care, establishing guidelines for best practice and developing educational program in endoscopy. Taking place from 4-6 April, in Prague, Czech Republic, the congress will assemble 2500 endoscopists and will feature an interactive, comprehensive program relevant to all members of the endoscopy team.

Ipsen Consumer HealthCare’s presence at ESGE Days in Prague constitutes a first, with an educational symposium and two oral presentations. The results of our real-world bowel cleansing study (DUS) and of the Russian bowel cleansing registration study (ESTOS) will be presented.

Access to Symposium Replay


Colon cancer is a public health problem, being the third most frequent cancer and the second cause of death by cancer in Europe[1]. If diagnosed early, the survival rate for colon cancer is over 90%[2] .

Colonoscopy is the current standard for prevention and early diagnosis of colon cancer as it allows detection and removal of precursor lesions of colon cancer[3]. Adequate bowel preparation is a mandatory first step for colonoscopy success[4]. Ipsen Consumer HealthCare is involved in colon cancer prevention through its marketing of bowel cleansing products. Presentation of our scientific results at ESGE Days reinforces Ipsen Consumer HealthCare’s continued involvement in the field of digestive health.


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