Ipsen at ESMO 2020: our vision, commitment and top three oncology priorities to better serve patients

By David Loew, CEO


The annual European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) congress is a major event for the oncology community each year. Over the course of my career, it has often been a highlight: an opportunity to experience firsthand the excitement and hope that breakthroughs in oncology offer healthcare practitioners and patients alike. In a year that has been uniquely challenging for everyone due to the pandemic, I’m especially looking forward to participating in ESMO 2020 (19-21 September) with Ipsen, where our oncology teams will once again demonstrate their ambition to deliver better outcomes, improved quality of life and new hope for patients.

But we know there are countless patients who lack treatment options because their types of cancer don’t get enough attention. That’s why we are determined to continue building strong partnerships with stakeholders who share our values and our vision.  From a personal perspective, I find this deeply inspiring and motivating. Like so many, cancer has directly impacted my family: that impact has deepened and strengthened my personal commitment to improving the lives of patients.

I’m particularly proud to participate in ESMO this year. We will be presenting 17 abstracts, a record for Ipsen and a clear demonstration of our presence and purpose in oncology. For our oncology teams, ESMO represents a moment to share our successes and celebrate progress for patients. These 17 abstracts are the fruit of a year’s worth of hard work, determination and resilience in the face of a pandemic, among other challenges. Beyond that, these results speak to the unwavering commitment and hard work of our teams over many years that have ensured our growth and success in oncology.

ESMO will also be a symbolic moment for me as CEO of Ipsen: it’s a return to a therapeutic area that means a great deal to me personally and professionally. It will also be a unique opportunity for me to stand with our talented oncology teams as we demonstrate three important priorities for us: first, our unwavering commitment to patients. Second, what the scientific community can expect from Ipsen in the future. And third, our determination to form new partnerships that combine our development and commercialization capabilities with the bold, innovative ideas being developed in research institutions and biotechs around the world.


I hope to “see” you at ESMO!

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