Corporate citizenship

Ipsen invests in the community focusing its efforts on patient associations and charitable work. Our commitment reflects the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy, and Ipsen’s employees are our leading ambassadors.


Examples of our Corporate Citizenship include:


China: TUEAF

In China, the TUEAF (Tianjin United Education Assistance Foundation) is a non-governmental organization established in July 2005 to raise funds to help educate disadvantaged students from single-mother families of orphans. Donations to this NGO in 2014 provided funding to support training of more than 500 teachers from ten schools across China.


France: APPRI

Ipsen introduced a personalized training support program for patients (APPRI), to increase their autonomy at home during treatment with the recombinant growth hormone NutropinAq®  and the NutropinAq® injection pen and improve compliance with the treatment regimen.


France: APTED

In France, Ipsen personnel joined forces to help patients suffering from disabling diseases associated with neuroendocrine tumors. Besides their participation in the “Course des Héros”, they raised funds to support the patient group APTED.


France: Promoting opportunities for the disabled

Since 2009, Ipsen has been engaged in a proactive approach to enable individuals with disabilities to find employment in the company. Ipsen, in France, concluded a partnership with HandiEM, an organization founded by the Leem (French pharmaceutical trade association) in order to implement a pharmaceutical industry-wide agreement for the disabled. Ipsen is a founding member of the first Clubhouse France, an association that supports people suffering from mental illness.


France: Tulipe

For several years, Ipsen has been a member of the Tulipe nonprofit organization. Founded in 1982, Tulipe pools medicines donated by pharmaceutical companies in France to meet urgent needs among populations affected by crisis, natural disasters, and conflicts.


Germany: Dachverband Clowns in Medizin und pflege Deutschland e.V.

In Germany, Ipsen has made a donation to Dachverband Clowns in Medizin und Pflege Deutschland e.V., an association of clowns that work with children in hospital and with the elderly in their homes.


Italy: Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Salute della Donna

In Italy, Ipsen has supported the work of Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Salute della Donna which conducts research and campaign in the field of women’s health. The association has notably published a booklet for patients to answer their questions on breast cancer and infertility. It was distributed in October, the month dedicated to breast cancer prevention.


Mexico: the Candy Foundation

Ipsen supports the Candy Foundation, which aims to help low-income families without any medical coverage with children suffering from cerebral palsy. In 2014, more than 165 children were treated by the Candy Foundation in Mexico, Puebla and Morelos.


Nicaragua: Brigadas Urológicas

Every year, since 2007, Ipsen Spain has organized the Brigadas Urológicas mainly in Nicaragua but also in Guatemala and Honduras. Spanish urologists are sent on site to manage critical cases and train local urologists. Ipsen also contributes by sending surgical equipment used during the procedures. More than 1300 surgeries have been performed since the launch of the project.


Russia: International Children’s Day

n Russia, Ipsen participates in a number of charitable initiatives, notably the international Children’s Day, where our Russian staff arrange events for disabled children. The teams invite well-known actors or clowns who entertain the children. Furthermore, some employees meet voluntarily to clean, repair and improve the pediatric area of a local hospital, in a gesture of collective social responsibility.


Spain: « e-spasti »

In Spain, Ipsen is taking part in a tele-medecine project in partnership with Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona to improve the lives of patients. This program allows patients suffering from spasticity of the lower limbs to enhance their quality of life through a daily in-home exercise regime while maintaining contact with their doctor. The patient then goes to hospital only when an injection is required.


United Kingdom: NET Patient Foundation

In United Kingdom, Ipsen supported the NET Patient Foundation to produce the “Your guide to neuroendocrine tumors” video to explain in particular the role of endocrine cells, the illness, its symptoms and treatment options.


United States: patient support

In the United States, Ipsen supports a range of patient support and advocacy organizations. Funding and employee support has been provided for activities such as Global NET Awareness Day as well as supporting fundraising and disease awareness campaigns across the country.

Last update 17/11/2017