A year-long partnership with the ISPC


A year-long partnership with the ISPC

This year, Ipsen is partnering with the Institut de Santé Parasport Connecté (ISPC) to sponsor Gaëlle Edon, a high-level athlete. She is also vice-president of ISPC Synergies and a member of the French shooting team.

Gaëlle is currently preparing for the Tokyo ympics this summer, as well as for the Paris lympics in 2024. Ipsen teams will support Gaëlle by participating in internal challenges and will receive a series of short inspirational videos of her training and athletic performances throughout the year, both internally and externally.

Watch Gaëlle Edon’s testimonial below.

A high-level athlete in line with Ipsen’s values

Beyond Gaëlle Edon’s athletic prowess, it is her resilience and determination that inspired us to  partner with this first-class ambassador of the “Parasport-health” that ISPC Synergies has been promoting since its creation.

Gaëlle embodies the values that we live by every day at Ipsen: passion, ambition, tenacity and an unwavering determination to continually surpass ourselves. Ipsen’s teams have put their full support behind this outstanding athlete ahead of her participation in upcoming international events and the Olympic Games. These are the shared values that drive us to put the patient at the heart of everything we do.

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