Development, training and mobility

Ipsen is committed to offering employees training and development opportunities.

Training and development include:

  • at the corporate level: training to develop managerial skills and cohesion,
  • at the local level: technical training in specific areas of expertise. 

Ipsen invested €4.8 million in professional development in 2012.

The Ipsen Individual Development Plan

Through the IDP (Individual Development Plan), employees are offered the opportunity to assess their career path, skill sets and motivation, and review available options for their development. Managers receive specific training to conduct these individual discussions and help prepare tailored action plans, with support provided to personnel by management and HR.

“The IDP boosted my self-confidence when I took over my new position as Customer Service Manager for Asia. The self-evaluation process helped me to gain a clear picture of my main skills and areas for improvement.”

Yun, Customer Service Manager, Asia

The Ipsen Competency Model

This model is structured around Ipsen’s four action principles (accountability, team spirit, result orientation, agility). Training offered to managers is based on this model to ensure consistent practices throughout the Group and ensure the implementation of the Group’s strategy.

Internal mobility

Ipsen is strongly committed to internal mobility, which is supported by a mobility charter and committee. 125 employees changed positions 2011 and 162 in 2012;  8% were promoted in 2011 and 10% in 2012.
Several forms of individual support may be offered to managers taking on new responsibilities, such as mentoring, coaching or on-boarding.

Learning support for individuals

Managers who take on new responsibilities can be supported in different ways, though mentoring, coaching, and induction support. 

Updated on 26 February 2013