Scientific affairs

R&D partnerships: capturing synergy through skills and expertise.

Ipsen is committed to collaborative practice. External research collaborations are managed by a specific department in R&D: Scientific Affairs. Ipsen’s private and public partners all agree on the driving force behind collaborative endeavors: sharing expertise for the benefit of patients.

Ipsen’s R&D effort is supported by an active partnership policy from fundamental research through to clinical development. These partnerships provide the opportunity for the Group to bring its research concepts to feasibility and transform scientific advances into therapeutic opportunities for patients.

Alliances with prestigious institutions and centers of excellence

Since 2008, Ipsen has been collaborating with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, a non-profit research institution dedicated to fundamental research in life sciences and the training of the future generation of scientists. The objective of the partnership is to advance knowledge in the field of proliferative and degenerative diseases. Furthemore, the development of stem cell technologies opens a new research perspectives for neurodegenerative diseases.

Other Ipsen R&D partners include:

  • The Institut de cancérologie Gustave Roussy (France), with which it has teamed up to share medical oncology expertise,
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, US), in a program to test the efficacy of Ipsen’s molecules on certain pituitary gland tumors and to identify new potential targets.
Updated on 26 November 2015