Ipsen Bioinnovation

Ipsen Bioinnovation (formerly Syntaxin)

In March 2015, Syntaxin has changed its name to Ipsen Bioinnovation.

Ipsen Bioinnovation is a leader in recombinant botulinum toxin technology. This R&D center has an expertise in natural and modified recombinant botulinum toxins, and in targeted secretion inhibitors or retargeted molecules.  This name change successfully completes the integration process into Ipsen of Syntaxin, a UK-based private life sciences, company specialized in recombinant botulinum toxins engineering. Thereby, it consolidates Ipsen R&D position and its global presence in toxins area. Ipsen’s ambition is to continue to develop a highly differentiated and innovative toxins platform.

Syntaxin and Ipsen started collaborating in 2010. In 2011, they signed a global strategic partnership to explore the discovery and development of new compounds in the field of recombinant botulinum toxins.

The botulinum toxin platform has a very broad therapeutic applications potential in many areas: urology, oncology, endocrinology, regenerative medicine, etc. Ipsen is one of the few pharmaceutical group that master manufacturing and testing in its Wrexham factory (United Kingdom) as well as the technologies needed to explore new applications and to develop new toxin-based products. Thanks to the acquisition of Syntaxin in July 2013, Ipsen has reinforced its expertise in this field.

In the Abingdon based research center (Oxford, United Kingdom), Ipsen Bioinnovation is focused on the discovery of new recombinant botulinum toxins, mainly for neurology indications. In collaboration with the teams of the Endocrinology and Oncology therapeutic areas, Ipsen Bioinnovation is also working on the promising area of targeted secretion inhibitors.

This unique technology platform provides broad opportunities for collaborative research areas (e.g. with Harvard University) and developments.

These next generation toxins have broad potential for therapeutic applications that will bring innovative solutions to meet patients’ needs.


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Updated on 30 July 2015