• A biomarker is a measurable biological characteristic related to a normal or abnormal process. It is an indicator, a quantitative measure used to objectively evaluate a biological response. Research increasingly uses indicators to verify and correct a molecule’s trajectory from the early stages of the process.
  •  A biomarker can be used for detection, diagnosis, to assess response to a treatment, relapse aſter treatment and toxicity of a molecule.
  •  A biomarker can be a blood test, a test on tumor tissue, or a test on non-tumorous tissue that reacts to an agent (e.g. hair in case of chemotherapy). It can also proceed from imaging or physical or optical examinations.
  • Biomarker tests are conducted on patients in clinical phases. During preclinical phases, work on biomarkers is carried out on biobanks in centers of excellence.
Updated on 05 August 2013